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28 Sep 2012

Lovely lovely things

My life would suck without my daily troll who leaves ridiculously stupid comments (that I won't publish) and Pinterest.  This is a pick utterly gorgeous things that has me frothing at the mouth:

I'd love to recreate this for a photoshoot:

I need this bag immediately:

I love this Lippy sticky effect:

Styling men is tough.  If they look like this, this pose is just awesomeness:

I will make this, gluten free of course.  I'm dribbling looking a this:

Oh behave!  This is outrageously awesome:

My troll will love on hear I'll be making these with my imaginary tots (she thinks I have other children):

This hair style is divine:

Totes going to copy this idea to make purty roses:

Vivienne Westwood is a genius:



Liz Boyce said...

Trolls are stupid.

I have a similar recipe pinned too! I call it "veggie cobbler" because it reminds me of a version of a fruit cobbler...except with cream sauce and veggies.

Carole Z said...

I echo Liz, stupid Trolls! Love your 'list',lots of lovely stuff there, have a good weekend, Carole Z X

Anonymous said...

lovely things to enjoy. Why not indeed!

Ali said...

CAn you not block your troll from commenting? Or report them to the police and get their ISP traced? What they're doing is basically harassment/stalking.

Jaki Morris said...

I may have to make those reindeer to accompany my marshmallow snowmen, once I've done my chores of course.


Julia said...

Love that hairstyle too - great picks :)