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19 Sep 2012


You know those kind of people, don't you?  The ones that swipe your drink at a party mistaking your expensive champagne for their £1.99 bottle of cava or, in my case, mistaking my classy snakebite mixed with baileys with their nasty little alco-pop.

Well, no more shall your frenemies nick your booze at works do's or Mrs Miggins Avon party in future - thanks to washi tape.  YES!  Washi tape saves the day as you wrap one of your many styles around the stems of glasses (or straws, for that matter) to ward off your minxy little drink burglar.

In future, ain't no drink stealing ninja going to lift my treble bombay gin mixed with absinthe and tia maria with these ingenious glass savers, right?

**inserts shifty eyes**

Kirsty x


Jan C. said...

Well now, that is a cute idea! But you always have cute ideas. I shouldn't be surprised.

P.S. I thought of Belle this weekend. My son was married, and he and his bride brought a huge altar arrangement over to our house and plunked it down on the hearth. Massive! So I channeled my inner floral arranger and cannibalized the big bunch, making two small arrangements that turned out fairly glorious.

Anonymous said...

You is cwazy laydeee!!!
Am loving the washi fetish...
Japanese love to the Curlygirl
Lulubelle x

Jaki Morris said...

Absolutely fabulous darling.
My Mother is a world champion at drink stealing. She always has a full glass!

I guess washi tape will be on my list for Ally Pally on Sunday

Take care


Lizzie said...

Howling at your eccentric drink mixes ("eccentric"? - trying to be polite about them y'know...).
Love the crazy washi tape idea. Def cheaper - and a heck of a lot easier than those little jingly dangles on split wires that you're s'posed to fix on your glass stem. And .... Bonus! The washi tape would work on beer mugs toooo... Snakebite, anyone (wow, we're so classy, Mrs W!)

Jenne said...

Baileys and snakebite? Was that discovered by accident or invented for the purpose? I love Baileys. Love it. I love the washi tape idea too......but mine wouldn't say 'party' on it. Mine would say 'this is mine, mine, not yours, so move away from the glass!'

Anonymous said...

I had forgotten snakebiteS! Ah the the 80's! Love the washi tape idea. To be honest it's the first time I have seen it used in a way that would make me want to buy it!

Bumblebee said...

genius Kirsty! Perfect for kids parties too to wrap around a cheap plastic cup!