Ladies Camera Club

6 Sep 2012

Looking for Ellie Wiseman, in London

My Ellie Wiseman has won tickets to see Noel Gallagher at The Roundhouse in London, Sept 12th.

This is a school night and approx 8 hours drive there and back for us.  The ticket is for two people but the ticket is named.


But if you are aged over 14 and are called Ellie Wiseman, you can have them with pleasure.

Get in touch here and go see him on us.

PS:  Crop night tonight, Ill be uploading a sketch here at 8.  Come join us here for live streaming and chat

Kirsty x


Jaki Morris said...

You are a wonderful woman to try and find another Ellie

Love ya


Clair said...

Oh what a shame you can't make it..sadly i'm not an Ellie Wiseman as I would love to go! I hope you manage to find another Ellie who can use the tickets up :)