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8 Sep 2012

Learning something different

For years, all I knew for a "studio shoot" was high, mid and low key.  I was happy with this and I offered it, to my clients, on those three lighting grades.  But I wanted to fine tune it a little as I'm restructuring/re-branding my photography therefore my lighting has to reflect those changes.

A few weeks back I googled lighting tuition and happened upon Rory Lewis's site.  The bonus being that he is based in the very town that I run my studio from.  The bigger bonus is that he is a celebrated photographer too.  I saved my money for almost two months to afford the course and on Friday just gone, he came to my compact studio to help me "fine tune".  And to help me work with the lighting, I was granted the wonderful opportunity to work with Natasha.  Natasha is not a pro model but she was willing to sit for a number of hours as I faffed with lights and directed her to angle herself for different moods and lighting.  She was a little shy but I liked that about her the most.

Here are some of the results of the day, forgive my indulgence:

Selling a product - Rory assigned me to direct Natasha to make the sale of Abbey Well rocket overnight.  Of course their turn over is now 17 kajillion and its all down to MEEEEEEEEEE (and Natasha!)

Here is Natasha, swishing.  I like swishing.

This is my second fave shot of the day.  Its so atmospheric

I also like it in black and white - even more atmospheric

This daylight effect is my fave type of lighting which will compliment a new venture that I'm taking up in the studio and my customers

I'm thinking that Natasha could sell hair dye in this image

Of course, swishing her hair will sell the hair dye more:

And saving the best until last - this is my abs fave of the day.

As a result of getting to strobe lighting better, I will be taking on pro child model portfolio shooting, pro head shots for models and actors and I may even consider product photography but I have a problem taking pictures of objects that can't swish.

Kirsty x


Sheilagh said...

What a beatiful young woman, Fabulous photograph's Kirsty!

Here's to many happy swishes;o)



Nancy Wyatt said...

These are fabulous and she is a beauty!

Sue said...

Lovely photos of a stunning young woman.

Louise said...

These are all stunning photos Kirsty...your second fave is my fave. Love how the same photo looks amazing in both b&w and colour x