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21 Sep 2012


When Belles was younger, she could not pronounce Jewellery.  She called it Jew-a-wy.  And it stuck so we both call it this.  I'm not the worlds BESTEST jew-a-wy maker but I do enjoy the process and that is what crafting is about.

Last week both Belles and I visited a bead shop in Wigan.  I had no idea it was there until I took a look at some premises in the same courtyard.  Both she and I were like kids in a sweet shop.  Belles spent her pocket money on random pieces and beads for no other reason than to admire and run her fingers through.  I, myself, ran amok with tasty little morsels to saliva over and claim as my own.

It wasn't until tonight that I've given myself some "me" time to construct a couple of treasures.  Although, whilst fiddling and faffing, I have reminded myself that I really must remember to wear my specs (uh - not happy!)

This necklace here is a rework of an original neckle that I bought two years ago.  I replaced the pearls but kept the findings the same.

My problem is that I spray perfume on whilst wearing my necklaces which, over time, acts like white spirit on the bead's coating.  I was happy with my fiddly faffness and am happy to have restored it to its former magnificence.

And then, in my madness, I fiddly faffed with some pretty beads to make a book mark.

Then I realised that half the world have kindles so this little bugger will probably look better hanging off my right ear.

Im sure the trend will catch on.

Kirsty x


Anonymous said...

Lulu doesn't have a kindle .........
Love the bookmark
4mm bicone crystal love to the Curlygirl
Lulubelle x

Sue said...

Love your neckalce and bookmark.

Di said...

Ha, ha Kirsty - almost spat coffee over me screen here about the bookmark earring - you nutter!! Love both pieces mind you :)

Hugs, Di xx

Debo said...

I don't do kindles!!! I'm a real, paper, turn-the-page person, and so is my 20-yr old daughter, so do not despair! The kindle will NOT take over the world! (it just has a place in it!)

Your beady pieces are beautiful! Is there nothing you can't do?

sarah said...

Hi Kirsty, I came across this blog as I love home makeover blogs and this lady did a FAB workdesk revamp - take a look! but mainly at the last post she made - a beautiful use for your lovely bookmark, it made me well up and i will be giving it a go! Sarah x

Louise said...

these are both beautiful peices x

freckles1 said...

stunning I love them both. I would read a book just too use the book mark.xx

Lisa-Jane said...

I still like paper books but I use LOADS of bookmarks because of all my writing books. I actually whimpered when I saw this... so pweeeety.

susiesu said...

Both jewa-wy pieces are lovely. I still need bookmarks and so do the other half of the world who don't have kindles. Can't wait to see the photo of you wearing your bookmark earring. lol Susiesu xxx