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28 Sep 2012

I squish you

Do you ever play the game where you squint your eye, hold your finger and thumb over a person/object in the distance and pretend to squish them?  I do it all the time.  I am super squisher and I am the champion of it.

Yesterday, out of sheer boredom before work, I lay in bed, squishing objects in my room.  At first, I squished our bedroom lampshade (which Nicole thought looked like a lady part!)

Then I squished my foot

Then I just went crazy and squished everything in sight including my own head

 I squished Ellie

My reflection

The knob on my slow cooker.  this slow cooker is a monster 6L and when you turn the knob for real, you need two hands.... its that big in real life! PS:  Cooking Beef Bourginon

I squished the dog on his blankety covered chair

  I squished my Hunters at the hairdressers

And I couldnt leave Mark out - being squished on the mantle

Yes, Im 41 years old and no, Im not ready for the loony bin.

My instagrammers are all catching on......could we make this squishing a trend?

But not real squishing, though, because that would be then classed as murder and Im not ready to do porridge for that.

PS:  check out my retreat news below!


Carole Z said...

Now yiu've done it Kirsty, I'm gonna be squishing all evening now!!!! Carole X

Anonymous said...

OMG we (hubby and I 'played' this just a few days ago) and told our little boy (5)how to do it. I'm 42and have no intention of growing up anytime soon, hee hee!

Colette x.

Di said...

Hi Kirsty - love the zipper face and you can send me that chap right this minute! Include the troll if you like and I'll do ten rounds wiv them :) What was that wine I had this evening, hic? :) Di xx

EmmGee said...

Squishing porridge - now there's a thought! EmG x

EmmGee said...

Squishing porridge - now there's a thought! EmG x