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10 Sep 2012

CD Album cover

My studio is situated right next to a thriving music shop.  With the heavy influences of Liverpool bands and music right on our doorstep, you can expect a lot from the local talent here.  I myself have my very first piano lesson on Wednesday, too.

I got talking to one of the producers next door, Lem (yes, there is a recording studio at the rear of the shop!) and we got talking.  Next thing I  know, Im taking a picture of this pretty little slip of a girl.  She is only 14 but she is about to cut her first album.  Isnt that crazy?  14?!

I took a large volume of shots and this is what she chose.  My infamous green door got an airing again (her choice!) and the best bit is is that its right behind the studio.

We almost chose this shot too, which I also love.

Im delighted I could help her start what could be a very promising future. 

Kirsty x


Jaki Morris said...

I love that alley!


Louise said...

more gorgeous photo's Kirsty x

Debo said...

Can't wait to see one of these photos on a cd case in Tesco!!!

(How was your piano lesson?)