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5 Sep 2012

A labour of love

I love ribbon, I really do.  And I mean that I proper love it.  But sometimes it won't behave (slippy satin) and sometimes it frays.  When I say sometimes, I mean all the time.

So when I was commissioned to make this lampshade, I was so excited, for two reasons.  One because it was made of ribbon and two it was for one of those spangly new craft mags that perch so boastfully on coffee tables of the hoi poloii.  Making Magazine is a GORGEOUS monthly that I dribble and drool over with immense pleasure.

The long and short of this drama is........well, I'm not going to lie to you, it was a pig to construct.  I carried the work out under duress but was so impressed when I had blobbed on the last bit of hot glue.  I'm pleased to say that it was well worth the slippy ribbon and the weaving and wefting and whatever fiddly fanuckets you care to term such a project.

And here she is.  An Indian summer inspired ribbony lamp.

Now to think of other ribbony makeovers I can conjure up..........hmmmmmmmmm........

Kirsty x


Jaki Morris said...

Smashing! Just perfect for the weather at the moment. My floor is currently covered in ribbons, Christmas card making for a craft fair.

Take care


Soo said...

Absolutely gorgeous!!!!

Sue said...

Fab lampshade.

I love ribbons also. Trying to find ways of storing it so it doesn't unravel everywhere and easier to get at. Any ideas?

Louise said...

oh wow clever and lovely. From just looking at it i can see that it must have been a labour of love!!

Anonymous said...

sure it was "worth it". Magazine usually has a lot of excellent articles

Vicky said...

absolutely fabulous! :)x