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24 Sep 2012

A dozen sausages

While they sleep, they grow.

I'd take a sleeping child over a whiny "woe is me" one any day.  And when she is not well, she sleeps.  And she gets on with it.  She conserves and renews and fights.  And I fret like a fluffy 1950's housewife with her and not because I LIKE to fuss but because when your child is not well, you never know the extent of what it could become.  So I like to keep an eye on her.

Today she was not well enough to go to College.  GREAT. She has been back two weeks and she is already off.  But there was no way she could have gone in because she could barely talk or breathe.  So I kept her off and she just slept.  And the dog stayed by her side almost all day, as if willing the badness out of her.

She couldn't manage breakfast except to sip a cold drink but by midday she was baying for food.  She wanted something hot but nothing crunchy or hard.  I spied a pack of 12 Richmond sausages in the fridge.  So I cooked them all thinking I'd have a sandwich later, too.  But when I delivered her a batch of sausages they had been demolished in seconds so I forfeit my lunch and let her have the last 6.  That's a dozen sausages - GONE

The dog sat up and begged for a morsel to which she obliged (huh!  but not me!!!)

She is feeling much chipper now plus after a chicken casserole tea and more fluids, this kid is fighting fit for college tomorrow.

But 12 sausages?  Bloody hell - thats some going, right?

Kirsty x


Fabrizio Martellucci said...

Good girl, I'm like that with sausages too, and with the halogen oven I 'inherited' from Vince's mum, they're even easier and more tempting to eat ! I hope she gets better soon ! xoxoxox

Anonymous said...

As my mum used to say "Feed a cold, starve a fever". So glad she is feeling better.

Nicky x

susiesu said...

Glad to hear Ellie is feeling better - must be something in a dozen sausages. Absolutely love the piccie of Eddy begging soooooooooooo cute. Hope Ellie is enjoying college? lol Susiesu xxx

Anonymous said...

Just never tell her what's in them!
So glad she's feeling better-and how sweet is your puppydog, with that winsome look on his face and him doin the the tricks for the food n stuff (wow-I've gone all Irish mammy on ya!)
Snoffly troffly love to the Curlygirl
Lulubelle x

Anonymous said...

there is no medical evidence to support the issue of feeding a cold. Healthy foods with Vitamins and minerals are however what the researchers suggest should be eaten avoiding all processed foods not only to prevent such minor viral ailments but also to assist the recovery of them. So fruit and veg esp raw or very lightly steamed will assist her vitamin profile. Sure she can copy notes from one of her pals or they might have taken notes and text her already so she can catch up on lectures and the work she needs to do! teenage years at college are renowned for viral illnesses spreading easily amongst them in closeness like at nursery. minor and forgotten about now til the next one they all share iin various ways!

Anonymous said...

Glad she's feeling better.... but. Blimey!!! 12 sausages!!! Not even my Other Half could eat that many in one sitting. Well. Actually. He probably could. :D Hope the lovely Ellie is still enjoying college. :D Jude.x

Julia Dunnit said...

If it took 24, you'd have popped to the shop!! It's great that she's mended, I know what you mean abut fretting...I am not good at my 19 year old baby being kinda have guilt that you can't do it for them.

Rachel said...

Good Grief is all I can say - I think i have something similar and feeling right rough and couldn't eat two sausages - still she needs it :-)

Judi said...

Blimey! That's some going! Glad she's feeling well enough to go to college today, the day off will have done her good and she'll soon catch up - lovely pics! xx

Sheilagh said...

She is Beautiful xx

Sue said...

So glad she is much better.

JB said...

Glad Ellie is feeling better. Mmmm Richmond sausages sound good. I wonder if they will work on my 22m old son and I, both got rotten colds. He wont sleep or let me sleep!

Kerry said...

I'm a big believer in letting them eat whatever they want when they have been recharging after illness whether its healthy or not. She must have been ravenous to eat all those.

Debo said...

12 sausages!?!? Who would have thought they had healing powers?

And, my, doesn't she look beautiful when she sleeps!!!! I would have stayed by her side to just look at her! She is a Beauty!


Carole Z said...

Glad Ellie is on the mend..aint if funny that sometimes where you've a cold or a fever al you want to do is eat!!! Take care both, Carole Z X

Anonymous said...

Hope you feel better soon Ellie. Thank-you Anonymous lady for giving me a giggle as always. We all want 'comfort' food like raw veg when we are sick don't we?

Colette x.