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4 Sep 2012

A day of firsts

She'd never been on a London Bus or the Tube - that was a thrill in itself.  She'd never stayed at a hotel that had been open 2 days before and the first to stay in the room we had reserved for us!

She had never been to a stadium before

Or spent so much cuddly time with Granny on a day out

She'd never sat so high

She'd never been anywhere so loud, so used my noise cancelling phones.  Nor had she worn a union jack so proudly or been so intent with a program

She'd never been this close to a cauldron! Or joined in 4 rounds of the Mexican wave (that was just the BEST fun ever)

She'd never seen a stadium empty so quick or sang the national anthem to a 5000m british gold medalist

 She'd never tried frozen yoghurt

 even sushi was a first - she LOVES it (minus the wasabi)

A day full of wonderful memories that I love just for her but for me?  I wailed like a baboon watching inspirational blind women being guided around the track as they ran their races.  They are the heroes of the games, really and truthfully.

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Kirsty x


Helen said...

Well it looked exciting enough from your tweets - but I am so (envious) thrilled you all got to enjoy such a great day out.

EmmGee said...

What a wonderful day out for you all! So glad that Ellie enjoyed it, I'd have been thrilled with the brand new hotel room! EmG x

Lise Cooke said...

You made me cry, That was such a beautiful blog, I'm so glad that you all had a wonderful time, Fabulous photos. Have left a comment on Fantastic ribbon blog too xxxx

Sue said...

WOW! what a wonderful time you all had.

Judi said...

Ah bless her, it looks and sounds as if she had a wonderful time and tomorrow will be another day of firsts. Hope Ellie gets on well and at enjoys her first day at college and I hope you cope with it okay too Kirsty xx

kate blue said...

her face is priceless in all the pics...but I love the sushi one the most! And I woulda been watching & crying cause I'm just a sucka for kids with different abilities :):)

PaperDaisies said...

You have made my day. Loved your blog post today. Glad you all had a good time. You have really captured the essence of the day. Thanks so much for sharing a very special day. Hugs Nina

Jenni said...

Fabulous photos to record a fantastic day, enjoyed reading your post today :o)
Jenni x

Jaki Morris said...

Amazing full of firsts!
How wonderful for you all.
Life should be full of firsts.
With Love to Ellie
On her first day at college

SallyB said...

That's just made me cry with enjoyment. What a WONDERFUL day you all had. Richly deserved. Thank you for sharing that Kirsty. Truly beautiful xx

Pol said...

Really so pleased that Belle had a great first day in London :)

Anonymous said...

What great fun; all those firsts. Well done TeamWiseman! :D Jude.x

Charlotte said...

Kirsty, I don't usually leave comments... and this may seem random coming from 'a stranger' but those pictures are absolutely STUNNING, what a wonderful snapshot of a once in a lifetime family moment! xx

Sheilagh said...

Boy of boy can you make me cry, that sounds like a day that will never ever be forgotten:0)

Debo said...

What a lovely post! Thank you for sharing it with us. NOT the first time I've got emotional over one of your posts!!


Anonymous said...

That is such a beautiful post! All
those wonderful 'firsts' for Ellie.
I hope she loved London!
Carolen R

Carole Z said...

Lovely post Kirsty, what a wonderful memory for you all, Carole Z X

Deborah O'D said...

I do really enjoy your blog Kirsty and I am not having a go. (nor do you need to publish my comment it can stay between us if you wish). I am glad that you were so touched and inspired by an athlete.

But you referred to her as a "blind woman" should that not be a woman who was blind or a woman with a visual impairment???

It is a small thing but this puts the woman before the disability.

I am however as always inspired and cheered by todays blog post

Deborah O'D said...

Kirsty I always enjoy your blog and occassionally comment.

The following is not a personal attack (feel free not to publish the comment its fine to stay between us if you wish).

I am glad you felt inspired by the occassion and even more glad Ellie had a good time.

As someone with a very obvious disability myself one small thing struck me as a bit negative.

You referred to an athlete as "a blind woman" if you had said a woman who is blind or a woman who is partially sighted you would have but the woman bit before the disabled bit.

I hope this is taken in the spirit it is sent. I am not some horrible anonymous troll and we all have to change the world a tiny step ata time.

Kirsty Wiseman said...

Hi Deborah
I honestly don't know what you mean. I didnt know there was a disability etiquette.
As a mother of a disabled child, of whom wasn't handed a guide with instructions, I'm quite taken aback that I've fallen short on using the correct terminology.
So sorry

Deborah O'D said...

Hi Kirsty

No it's not etiquette or a case of the done thing ...

In no way am I questioning your obvious commitment and passion as a Mum or decent human being.

I was just making the point that society as a whole needs to see the person before the disability.

The disability enevitably needs to be aknowledged but not before the person.

It takes people who really care (and I've followed your blog long enough to know you do very very much) to change peoples ideas.

There endeth the sermon which is not mean't as an attack just a general observation from one person who care about those with disabilities to another.

Louise said...

Hi Kirsty - I loved reading your post and seeing your photos - looks like you all had an amazing day x