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28 Aug 2012

To be or not to be

Did you ever have dreams as a kid to realise that, because of your families financial circumstances, you were doomed from the start? Do you ever wonder what you could have done in spite of that?

Did you want to be a doctor but couldn't get the o'level/gcse in a science let alone study at college to get to university to even get there?

Did you try with all of your might and the grit of your determination to pass an entrance exam to find out you failed by one point?

Did you want to be an electrician but was colour blind?

Did you want to be a pilot but didn't have 20/20 vision or perhaps suffered with air sickness?

Did you want to be a rower but was 6 inches too short to make the grade?

Did you want to be an actor but suffered from stage fright?

Was your family heritage an expected line of top serving, high ranking officers but you were more inclined to run off with the Russian ballet troupe?

Whatever you wanted to do but didn't, it doesn't matter. It's what you are now and indeed who you could still become.

For Ellie, being a dog whisperer is her dream job. It doesn't really exist but it could do, right? If only she would even go near a dog higher than a foot tall.

Or, perhaps, she could go and work at her favourite milkshake bar simply because she would get one free every day as a reward.

There is a career for everyone out there and if that means serving rabid pit bulls a frothy, chocolate milkshake, Ellie...... You go and do it, sweetheart.

Bitter, bitter sweet.


Kirsty Wiseman said...

And hey, my scarey troll -like anonymous negative minded commenter.... Guess what? I won't be publishing your evil comments today or ever. This is a happy zone. Look --------> :)

Anonymous said...

Good luck to Ellie in her new job. Follow your heart and dreams.

PaperDaisies said...

So true Kirsty. It is about the person you are now. You carry on being the person you are.

Anonymous said...

What a great post.... so true. Obviously very relevant in your household at the moment, but has me sat here thinking about why on earth I'm doing a job I hate so much? (Well I do know the answer to that and can't change it at the moment - but I can be working on it. :D) So. Go Ellie. You can do whatever you want. And free milkshakes sound good to me. :-) ......and my friend paid £250 for a "dog whisperer" to come and see her dog; you'll just have to learn to like the bigger dogs - I have a Collie who's really soppy, that you could practice on? :D
And I'm sorry that the "Anon" poster is still being evil. Without an audience you'd have expected her/him to have given up? How very sad/unhappy/lonely they must be.
Take care.... and "Go, Ellie, Go"

Rosie (Freycob) said...

Ellie is an amazing young lady. Whatever career path she chooses, she will be successful at because she has the support of her parents and love in her heart. X

Sue said...

So true - its about being happy thats all xx

Lizzie said...

I'm sure you are right and there is something out there for Ellie.
Pity all dogs aren't a foot high, like your dear little Edster... she could have a kennels and do a fabulous job looking after poochies while their "parents" were away.
But really, I am sure she'll find her niche.
And meanwhile she's so lucky to have you and Mark (and Eddie!).

(Really? A troll-y commenter? But how very rude! Good for you, for censoring it and not letting it get to you!).


Sue said...

Life is what you make of it and I am sure with the love and guidance she has had from you and her dad Ellie will do just fine.

Lisa-Jane said...

You are so right Kirsty my love, we just need to think outside the box a bit for something that is just right. It will come xx

Fiona said...

Was only talking about trolls this morning. They are sad f.cks who don't have a life, unlike you or I or Ellie. The very best of luck to her in what ever she decides to do in life.

teacakemake said...

Ellie will ROCK whichever career she ends up in. I recently made a few life changes which were very difficult to make, but I am starting to love! I know that Ellie has the most amazing support from her family and we all love her too x

Anonymous said...

I hope Ellie finds a career/job that she likes. But not all of us knew what we wanted to do when we were 16. I did masses of different jobs and then in my late thirties got a PGCE and became a teacher. Loved it. So I hope Ellie doesnt feel she has to get it right first time. I send her every good wish and also to you.
Good move re the troll- being ignored and denied a platform will really grate!! Carole R

D@nielle said...

i am sure she can become whatever she would love because you are awesome parents that stand by her every step of the way. btw my friend is kind of a dog whisperer, she does tellington ttouch and helpes people with their pets ;)

susiesu said...

So true what you have said Kirsty and beautiful Ellie will be fine with all the love and support of her family surrounding her. Cannot believe negative-anonymous is still pestering you lol xxx