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22 Aug 2012

The things I need immediately

Dotcom Gift shop is rammed with things I really must have.

Here are my latest wants and desires.  Of course, winning the lottery would be a bonus but isn't it fun to go "window" shopping?

This sign HERE, for the front door

 Straws reminiscent of bygone days HERE

And delicious little school size milk bottles HERE

And dinky little jars in a cute rack HERE

And washi tape in red polky dotties HERE

And these buttons would stay right on the packaging cos they look GORGE (HERE)

And a star broach, for being spangly at all times HERE
And finally, this baby here for a lousy cotton pickin stinkin £1.00!!!!! - HERE

And now I'm happily content in the figment of my imagination that these will soon be mine.

**Last 2 spaces left for my online DSLR course are calling!  read yesterdays post to find out more!**

1 comment:

susiesu said...

Love 'em all Kirsty - just on my way to Dotcom Gift shop!!!!! lots of hugs Susiesu xxx