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9 Aug 2012

The parentage are here

Aaaaaw, its lovely having the folks over.  Belles has been besides herself and has been saving up her best tid-bits and facts for them.  Ellie is not Ellie unless she is stating a fact and that is a fact.  They arrived this afternoon to come an inspect the studio, at last.  Its lovely to show it off although its still a "work in progress".

Today was a scorcher, especially over in the Merseyside area.  I shut the shop a little early and took the parentage over to Liverpool One and the Albert docks.  It was alive with so many people happy to see the sun at last! Here are my three loves next to the dock.  I love how happy Ellie looks.  She is so content in the company of her grandparents.

We passed a number of fountains en-route to the restaurant and, quite out of the blue, Ellie exclaimed that she would go and paddle there on the way back.  Well, Ellie doesn't do this kind of thing.....we were in shock and thought she would change her mind or even forget about it.

The restaurant was one of those "all you can eat" buffets.  Its a lot nicer than most and resides in the upper part of Liverpool One.  We only managed two platefuls before the deluge of tiny, delicate puds forced their way into our guts.  Here is the result of two over indulging ladies:

After eats, we leisurely strolled back through the shopping area, enjoying the warmth of the evening.  We passed this fella on a piano.  This is a kind of "open mic" piano where people book to come and play to the public at large.  Its so interesting and you can't quite guess what genre of music will be played at any one sitting.  This guy tinkled out some tunes and was having a blast.  I took this picture and Ellie gave him some money for his bucket.  I decided to write my name on a piece of paper with a contact email for Ellie to give to him in order that he could claim this image for free.  The gift of a photo is the best I can do at times.  His face was pure delight when he read the note.  Seriously, a small act of kindness can make such a huge difference to anyone's day.

The fountains looked so lovely in this light and lots of kids were running in and out of them either fully clothed or in their swim suits.  It was so warm and so tempting.

And lo and behold, Ellie stuck to her desire and whipped off her socks and shoes and went for a little paddle.  Ellie's feet are such a burden to her.  They are deformed plus she has incredibly flat feet.  She hates wearing shoes and would much prefer to wear slippers but as you know, they are not practical for outdoor activity.  We could hear the sigh of relief as she waded through the shallow, cool water.  It was a pleasure to watch.

This little dolly of mine has very few moments of selfish pleasures but as the car parking was running out, the pleasure was short lived.  She loved what little time she had here but we have promised to take her back.

And so home to watch Usain Bolt clinch the double and marvel as he revelled in his victory.

And that was how today went - just lovely.


Sue said...

I love the first photo. Definitely one to do a LO for.

Judi said...

What a lovely day you had, love the reflection pic of Ellie and the photo of the pianist is fab - hope he claims it. xx

Vera said...

Looks like it was such a fun day!

Jaki Morris said...


Just wait til she gets to Worthing beach, she can paddle all day; it's free parking!


Di said...

Wonderful day Kirsty, and that last photo of Ellie is amaaaaaazing! Just like she is.

Love and hugs, Di xx

freckles1 said...

Stunning picture (as always)of Ellie paddling. Kirsty your photo's are truly inspiring.Best wishes with your latest venture.xx

freckles1 said...

Stunning photo (as always) of Ellie paddling.Kirsty you truly are an inspiration. Best wishes with your new venture.Jacqui.xx

freckles1 said...

Stunning picture (as always)of Ellie paddling. Kirsty your photo's are truly inspiring.Best wishes with your latest venture.xx

Louise said...

looks like a lovely day...and how nice for the pianoist x

susiesu said...

Just a perfect day! With just perfect pictures! Hope you have an equally perfect weekend lol Susiesu xxx