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23 Aug 2012

Poochy love

Today has been very, very hard but even worse, tonight (when I was on a shoot) I got a call from Mark telling me that he found our poochy lying on the floor with his paw splayed. Eddy wasn't moving and couldn't bear weight on it.

I was working, I couldn't really talk but immediately I felt sick. Ellie was with me and both our faces went white. How I managed the rest of the shoot, I don't know. The adrenalin must have took over because I don't remember the last 10 images being taken whatsoever.

Mark made no hesitation about taking him to the vet so he scooped him up and drove him to the pet hospital whilst I drove the 45 minutes home. All the while, Ellie and I held hands (when I wasn't changing gear!). The stone cold silence was deathly.

Luckily Eddy had just dislocated his paw and the vet set him right with a pain killing injection. He's currently dozing, oblivious to how petrified we were all feeling.

The thought of losing this fella fills us with dread. We love him kabillions.


Shirley Davis said...

Get Well Eddy

Lots of hugs to each other, Mum & Dad, and sister Ellie

Hope you'd paid your insurance Eddy - and whatever it was you did, don't do it again please.

Bless his cotton paws.

Lisa-Jane said...

Awww, bless poor Eddie! And his carers too. Hope he recovers quickly. Please give Ellie a hug from me xx

Jennifer Scull said...

sending out hugs for your pup and the whole fam. I know how much my furbabies mean to all of us, so my heart is just breaking looking at that precious photo. will be saying prayers that all is well for him.

sorry it's been ages since I've last popped by your blog. so much health icky stuff happening.... blech!

y'all take care!

Anonymous said...

I'm choking up here. We're all dog lovers here. Totally feeling your pain.
Fee x

Shazza said...

Big cuddle for you all and Eddie x x

Darcy said...

awwww get well soon Eddy.x

Sheilagh said...

Poor Eddie (love his name) hope he is soon running around happy again. He looks adorable xx

Paula Gale said...

Hi Kirsty

I've not been to your blog for a while (Sorry), but I am really really bad at opening my google reader and seem to meander in blogland with no real direction...

I just got it up (It's been ages) and saw your post (I've been a follower for yonks).

I am sooo sorry that Eddy is a bit of a poorly pooch. When you were describing how you felt in the car on the way back home - I can completely and utterly feel that with you... I have my little fur babies, and now particularly as my teenage boys become less and less dependant, I (rightly or wrongly) feel completely maternal towards my dogs - they mean the world to me. Last night I posted a blog post on one of my fur babies who means so much to me.

I am so glad that Eddy is not suffering any permanent damage, and hopefully he'll be back on the road to recovery soon.

I will have to take some time and bring myself up to date with your blog.

Hope all remains well

Paula Gale
x x x

Louise said...

awww poor eddie....I know exactly how you all feel....something similar happened with our pooch last year! xx

Anonymous said...

Poor Eddie. ((Hugs)) to all of you. Hope he's better soon. Jude.x

twinkletoe said...

Get well soon Eddie. You'll be up and running around in no time. XXX

Carole Z said...

Aw bless, Kirsty, I know how much our little friends mean to us and I would have been exactly the same, but so please that Eddy is on the mend..sending hugs, Carole Z xx

Sue said...

So glad it wasn't anything too serious and I hope he's up and about soon.

Barbara said...

So glad hes okay Kirsty!!! you dont realise what they mean to you until their ill. Its so frightening when there is something wrong with them and you tend to panic. My 10yr old Bichon means the world to me so I know how you feel.