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14 Aug 2012

Online Photography course - special!

I've run two courses this year and both of them proved to be incredibly popular.  So I thought i'd run one again starting this September for a cool price of £50 (that's a £10 reduction).

Learn to use your DSLR in 4 bite-sized chunks (thats 4 lessons over 4 weeks).  You simply read and follow the notes and then mail me your assignment images for critique.  You can (if you want to) meet with fellow group students on a private facebook page, too.

Im still running my one-to-one day courses both in Wigan and in Wallasey.  If you come to a Wallasey one-to-one session, you can also have a practice with my studio lights too (bonus!).  Click my "DSLR training" link above to read more.

If you wish to view the results and critique of the course I ran in February, come and see how my students fared here. And if you'd like to sign up for a space (there are ten slots available at the moment), please email me HERE.


Anonymous said...

Hi - Hope you don't mind me adding this on here as the blog was yest, but have you researched C M T disease? I don't know if the doctors have done the reseach with Ellie to look at this condition but I would do some research myself if I was you to see if symptoms match at all? Hope this is of help. x

scrappyjen said...

Wish I was closer. I need to know how to produce photos like the ones you take in cornfields. jenx

Laura said...

Hi Kirsty, did you get my email regarding this course(and RAK)? I seem to be ending up in the spam folder of a few other bloggers and I just want to check this hasn't happened again..?

pix ceal said...

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