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28 Aug 2012

Need a logo/header?

As much as I'd like to be taking photos 8 hours a day, 5days a week - we know that ain't happening so early on in its nurturing stage.  So to keep me from banging my head on the desk, I've been busy with a few little logo jobs recently.  Some are a work in progress and some are complete.  I do enjoy making the "quite so serious" commercial type logos like these ones:

But I also enjoy doing the girly, whimsical style too.

I also am a reseller printer to go along with my design work.  I am able to print leaflets, business cards and postcards in various weights of paper and in colour (both sides) - you will not believe my prices.  I can supply anywhere in the UK and not just here in Wigan slash Wallasey.

If you need a logo or print work or my fab pop/roll up banners  for your events, shop display, exibitions, craft fairs etc - check out my prices at my website HERE and click the print design option.

See what I can do for you :)

Kirsty x

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