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22 Aug 2012

My fave Kiwi's and Just Jack

I have been inundated with clients new and old in the past week since I got my A-board outside the shop.  I've also been writing little messages on the pavement for passers by and I'm not kidding you, its made all the difference to enquiries.

I don't sell cheese - I just encourage kids to say it!  That or smelly wellies!

It goes to prove that advertising DOES work and it needn't be full page spreads in newspaper that people often overlook

So, anyway........Ive got a couple of more fun shots from my lovely Kiwi family shoot from last Friday.  This was my pavement welcome to the studio.

There is such a lovely connection with this family with little Kate being the jewel on the crown

 Up for a lot of laughs, of course

 And madness comes naturally.

And then, this afternoon............ there was Just Jack.  His Mother brought a posy of freshly cut sweetpeas.  Probably one of the most wonderful gifts ever - the fragrance is divine

I feel for guys sometimes.  They often think you are just going to plonk them in a studio and take catalogue style posed pics.  Not here, we don't.  So it was in my Coronation Street Alley that we ventured and this is what we got..........

His eyes totally match the back drop.  I loved his indie look

This door better NEVER ever get painted.  Its my favourite and a hit with all my clients.

And a lead up shot - they just do what they say....lead up to the subject.  And isn't he a lovely one at that?

His pale green eyes are definitely his most lovely feature along with a break of a smile.  You see, I always break them.  Every guy has one dying to push through......

And that is my week thus far.  Tomorrow I have a prom recreation shoot.  I'm REALLY looking forward to it.

And then.....OH MY!  Then I have a 1940's style shoot to collaborate with a local MUA, hairdresser, vintage clothes shop, vintage furniture shop and a very beautiful young model whose looks are to die for.  That's in the pipeline but the planning is the best part.


Louise said...

a very productive day and fab photos too x good luck with all the planning!

Anonymous said...

Luscious .....
Love to the Curlygirl xxxx

Sheilagh said...

What beautiful eyes he has. Great photo's xx

Julia said...

Love the pavement chalk messages - that's inspired!

Shazza said...

Loving the chalked pavement messages.... Loving the pics. Hope you're having fun. x x x

Sue said...

Fab photos as always.

I adore Sweetpeas.

Carole Z said...

Fab photos Kirsty and I love the pavement ads..brilliant idea! Carole Z

Lisa-Jane said...

Gorgeous chap there! Love the chalk idea.