Ladies Camera Club

4 Aug 2012

love this alley way

To my customers, a shoot in the Alleyway is unique to them.  But to my regular readers its like "oh, another girl in that alleway".  ha haaaaa!

What I like to think that brings a difference is angles and lighting.  One Alleyway shot was taken in the morning, theses ones in the afternoon and the next batch I share were taken in a brighter light (will share those tomorrow).  All the shots have a different mood and of course, each client brings something different to an image.

Here is Elyse - i was totally wetting myself laughing during this shoot.  Honestly, she makes me cry with laughter.

Love the telephone wires above El's head.......and yes, I love the bins behind her.

Im off home in a minute (im sat in the studio after SCREAMING my head off during the rowing this morning, too tired to move!) and guess what?  Me and my craft room have a date, tonight.


Sandra said...

Great shots Kirsty.
Sandra x

Louise said...

super photos Kirsty, love the angles and the mood, the alley is the perfect backdrop x

Carole Z said...

Great photos Kirsty, good luck on the date with your craft room...happy sorting! Carole Z X

Judi said...

That alley certainly is a great backdrop for your stunning shots, fabulous as always! xx