Ladies Camera Club

16 Aug 2012

Latest makes

As of now, the RAK list is closed from yesterday post. I'm delighted as there are 18 members of whom I shall be contacting on what to do next. You're all so thoughtful to get involved.

I'm going to leave you with some Sizzix makes of late. If you love the card, you'll love Sizzix. Photos courtesy of my reliable iPhone :)

Gotta dash, I've had a surge in design work this week. Smashing x


Anonymous said...

die cuts are great for little ones arent they. Nothing better than a wet day in the holidays cutting and sticking with fun shapes, lively colours and some sparkles! the effects are good!

Sue said...

Fab cards as always.

Jaki Morris said...

BUM, I knew there was something I was supposed to do.

I'll just have to act kindly to a random person of my own!

Actually, I already have


Lisa said...

Beautiful ever.
Gutted I missed the RAK list. Such a lovely idea
Kirsty, I love readign ALL your posts and I can't beleive that people could be so cruel.They must be very lonely in their sad lives
Lisa xx