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3 Aug 2012

If you came here in response to yests post

....... I haven't had time to collate my stash sale. I have the whole of Sunday off so I shall devote that day to sorting and sifting. Bear with.

So...........things to note today?
Im selling my violin to pay for piano lessons for Ellie. She couldn't possibly play a violin but her ultra long, slender fingers surely must be perfect for the piano. Giving up something I wanted to do (play violin, which I've had 6 years) for Ellie's enjoyment doesn't make me feel deprived. I think she deserves it more.

Building a client base, in a relatively alien town to where I live, was hard work today. Fortunately, I find creatives and media networks in Liverpool the most cheerful people in the world. I'm feeling positively positive. Also, don't ever assume that being self employed is a breeze. It's not.   But I do challenge and push myself if I run into a brick walk.   Moreover, I'm starting to believe in myself.

The shop next to my studio is awesome. It's a music shop slash studio. Hence piano lessons for Ellie. They teach guitar and various other instruments. People go there to jam too plus the owner is fantastic. He has helped me with odds and ends and advice. I'm thinking of a nice way of repaying him.

Spending time with people after work, other than family, is good for the soul. I must get out more. I laughed a lot. √Člyse and Jaime? I lubs you x

I achieved a lot today and again, no pictures taken. But that's ok, you gotta create windows of opportunity during a lull. I rose to the challenge and was rewarded with this thing of beauty on the way home:


Louise said...

i don't imagine for one second working for yourself is easy. Sounds like you are doing well though...good luck xx

P.S Kirsty, i just replied to your email - i hope you received it!?!? xx

Carole Z said...

Nice thoughts today Kirsty, hope Ellie enjoys her lessons..have a fab weekend Carole Z X

Bettyann said...

lovely piano go girl.. I am cheering you on from the sidelines !!! xxx :))))

Judi said...

What I want to know is...why are you only just starting to believe in yourself Mrs?!!! You should have been doing that a long time ago, you know you are awesome!!!

I had a giggle at you trying to think of a nice way to pay back your neighbour at the studio - nudge, nudge, wink, wink!!! Was that just me?

Hope Ellie enjoys her piano lessons, isn't it funny how things work out? If you hadn't opened the studio there you'd never have met that person and may not have thought of piano lessons for Ellie. I am sure, with those beautiful long fingers, she will be a natural.

Love Judi xx