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25 Aug 2012

Dear Heart Attack

Dear potential Heart Attack

This is what may bring you about.  Its a delicious, tasty glass of cholesterol.  And sugar.  And fat.  But you were made for a 16 year old girl who needs the fat and the sugar and the treat.  Only her mother may or may not have made a skinnier version for herself.

Her version was made with 2 oreo cookies, 2 scoops full fat vanilla ice cream and 200ml of full fat milk.  It was whizzed with a hand wizzy thingy and then topped with whipped cream.

Mommas version was made with 2 oreo cookies, 2 scoops of lacto free ice cream, 200ml skimmed milk and a swirl of half fat squirty cream.

Eat with a spoon, try and avoid brain freeze and lick the glass when consumed.
And if I do have a heart attack, at least I'd die happy.

Kirsty x
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Fabrizio Martellucci said...

Just enjoy with no guilt .....and no friends ! lol ;)

Anonymous said...

Oh Gracious Heck!!
That looks Deeeeee-Lish!!!!
Love Nina B xxx

PaperDaisies said...

Looks delicious. Any leftovers??? Hugs Nina

fionalawlor said...


Sue said...


How's Eddy doing?

Pol said...

I tried this out last night after you posted on IG - {I missed out the whipped cream} - it didn't disappoint!

heart.hearth.home. said...

Oh my, but that looks GOOD! Glad I swung by your blog this morning... Irene

Bumblebee said...

I don't even like sweet things but that looks amazing!

cheap plavix said...

It is looking amazing.. i will try it home.

Clair said...

Oooohh..This looks delish! xxx

Anonymous said...

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