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8 Aug 2012

Crafting (no way??!!) and friends

My most adorbs friend, Jaki, reaches a milestone birthday this year.  And to mark the occasion, she came up for a shoot.  All the way from Worthing.  I think each town has a pick of their very own skilled photographers but I feel very honoured that she came all that way to see me.

Jaki has been enamoured by my Barley field and alleyway shots (and several other people who have booked off the back of them!) so it was the plan to include them in the shoot.  She came by train on Monday and as I went to collect her from the station, Ellie begged to come with me.  This is most unusual because Ellie would rather sit at home and vegetate.  Meeting Ellie can go two ways.  She will either say nothing and just stare OR she will jibber-jabber until no more breath can be spared.  Fortunately (or not, depending if you ears can take it), she was the latter.  Ellie immediately fell in love with Jaki.  It was lovely to see.

No sooner had we got home and had a cuppa were we in the craft room.  I just said to Jaki "feel free to use whatever you want" after basing the theme on a canvas.....and so were were like rabid dogs, unleashed.  I wish I had have taken a picture of Jaki's GORGEOUS project but alas, no.  But I can share you mine.  This is for a friend of whom I owe a gift.  Im behind on gifts and thank you's right now but Im ploughing my way through my "to do" list.  So one of my dearest friends will be getting this in the post this week.

Its simply entitled "Everything responds to kindness" (yes, it does.  kindness breeds kindness.  And if it doesn't, it helps you identify whom not to expend your kindness on in future.  Best equation ever) 

Not long after we made a decent start did we make our way to the Barley field (unploughed thus far but near to it!).  The sky was brewing up a mass of stormy clouds which harmonises with the softness of a barley field.  I knew that the pictures were going to be perfect before I switched the camera on.  Jakie was a little nervous at first as cars were passing and there she was, all gorgeous set amongst a sprawling field.  Seriously, she was getting some honks from male drivers - a very lucky girl (or maybe they were for me ;)).

All i ask my clients to do is either interact, walk away or embrace the moment and Jacki did the whole shebang after relaxing a wee bit.  Here she is -isn't she lovely?

And before you knew it, she was bent over laughing.  I hate that its slightly out of focus but then I think sod it, its a wonderful moment.

 Then away she turns and soaks up mother natures gift of this vast space

And then walks through the barley with the breeze catching a tendril as she sweeps the rest behind her ear - so lovely

We got home, drank wine (can you believe it - I had alcohol??!!!) and ate homemade chilli before crafting some more then a movie night with Belles, all snuggled on the sofa.

This morning I tried Jaki's gift of Rhubarb jam.  It was heaven on a stick

Then we headed off to my studio to shoot boudoir (not sharing!) and alley way shots.  This was my favourite of the lot

And then it was off to a greasy spoon for utter lard and builders sized vats of tea

And before we knew it, it was back home to drop Jaki off at the station to go back to Worthing.  Ellie was very sad when she left and Marko commented that it was a pleasure having her stay with us.  I must admit I feel so sad that she has gone but happy she has some lovely pictures to celebrate her special birthday coming up soon.


Shazza x x said...

Oh wow... you did it again. Those shots are bloody fantastic. Love the colours on the barley fields and the contrast of blue and yellow. Love Jaki, she looks gorgeous and even better to get a few honks... doesn't everyone love em? The cafe shot is brilliant love the black and white. You're fabbo as usual!! Spectacular shots - well done you x x x

Sue said...

Rally lovely photos.

Fab LO.

Paper Paradise said...

Gorgeous photos as always and the canvas, well, whoever the recipient is, is a very lucky lady, it is GORGEOUS! x

Lizzie said...

Gorgeous, lovely photos, Kirsty! Jaki must be soooo pleased with these - I certainly would be (who wouldn't?).
It does help to have a fabulous model for a shoot - aka Jaki! - but I think you have the gift of making anyone look their best.
So glad the weather/sky was just right for your barley field shots - they turned out beautiful.
And I really like that photo of Jaki sitting in the cafe - very cool and so nice in b&w.

The canvas project is wonderful. Great colours, texture, pattern... love it!

Lisa-Jane said...

LOVE THEM ALL!!!! I think the one the captures the Jaki I know best is the alley shot but I love that each photo almost brings out another side of her. Gorgeous lady that she is, I bet the boudoir shots are phenom too. Kinda wishing it was my special birthday too cos I wanna come play in your alley! (oo er!!)

Fiona said...

Doesn't Jacko look glam, you did a fab job and sure she loves them.

D@nielle said...

awesome shots, she looks fab in them <3 them all, I would cross the pond to get shots like that done by you ! And the friend will is lucky to get such a fab thank you ! YOU ROCK !

Jaki Morris said...

Thank you all for your kind comments. Can't believe how lovely the photos are. Kirsty taught me to smile with my teeth and what do you know? It looks good!

Now all I have to do is choose from the eleventy billion shots.

Go for it ladies and gents, you won't regret it.
Oh, and I recommend the bacon and egg buttie in the caff