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20 Aug 2012

Come Craft/Learn your DSLR with me

I'm teaching 2 classes over at Sugar and Spice crafts on the 1st September.  Both are papercraft based and all 8 projects are you could, technically, take both classes.  If you wish to book one of the remaining few slots, nip over here to make a booking.

I have sneaks of them here:

I have a few spaces left on my online DSLR training course starting 1st September.  Learn how to use your DSLR from automatic to manual mode in 4 bite sized chunks.  Each of the 4 lessons will be delivered to your mail box with a private group facebook page to chat with other students.  You simply follow the instructions and mail me your images for critique.  You will be surprised at how EASY PEASY it is.  If you wish to find out more, email me here to bag one of the last spots.

Lastly, Im sharing these babies with you.  This card was made with leftovers from the scraps that I had from the classes Im teaching at Marions (see above).  I can't bear to throw bits and pieces away so here is a little sweet card to cheer up a pal:

And lastly, how sweet is this little "hand" towel card?  I saw a card swing by my vision on Pinterest and I didn't re-pin I can't credit the original but mine is not exactly the same per se.  I think their card was for a wedding and the towels read "Mr and Mrs".  Ive adapted mine for a lovely dovey card

Aaaaaaand thats me, outta here.


Anonymous said...

what skills will we learn in the workshops please? Is it to promote die cuts and using those as they are so easy and quick esp for toddlers. Will we learn to make ribbon roses or are those ready made to keep it simple? love to learn so will be interested to know what we will learn eg aseries of crafting skills. No point everyones cards being identical or we could buy them from a shop! :)

Kirsti said...

Woohoo...can't wait to do the photography!!! Xx

Sue said...

Fab cards.

Kirsty Wiseman said...

Hi anonymous. Maybe you might learn that crafting and creating is about being inspired and happy.

Jaki Morris said...

Oh, long time no see anonymouse.

You venom has been missed.

From your tone I would imagine that any toddler worth their salt would run a mile from you so you have no need of knowing how to use die cuts.

And as I doubt you have any friends to send cards to, I would give this one a miss.

However, I am an English teacher and could easily help you with your basic English skills. I could also teach you to try to walk a mile before making judgements.

BTW Kirsty, fabulous darling, as ever.


Judi said...

Lovely cards Kirsty, love the towel / lovey dovey one, so sweet and unusual and that rose is just gorgeous! I am sure everyone on your class will love them.

Anon, we just laugh in your face at your sad little comments. I have to point out though - you are usually so health and safety conscious - I don't really think it's a good idea to let a toddler near a die cutting machine, they may crush their fingers! I also teach crafts and I use die cutting and embossing machines as that is what people want these days, the skill and artistic talent is in what you do with the die cuts!
We all need to keep up with the times and give people what they want which is exactly what Kirsty is doing with her card classes and photography.

Carry on doing what you do best Kirsty, we all love you just the way you are!

Love Judi xx