Ladies Camera Club

15 Aug 2012

And there it was......


My field.  My lovely barley field with golden, wispy stalks that invited many a photoshoot.  Families roamed here and memories were made.

And now its been carted off to make beer, soups, casserole, healthier pasta and cereal. 

But wait!  Look at those rows of tossed stems..........begging to be run through, sat on, photographed amongst.

There is beauty in everything, you just gotta wait for the right light.


Jaki Morris said...

Ah, those stalks look prickly I much preferred it when they were all tickly!

Did you find any mice scurrying away?

Maybe the poppies will appear next?


SallyB said...

Begging for people to play in it me thinks! still looks stunning. S xx

Sarah said...

As Sally B says it still looks amazing!

Sarah x

Carole Z said...

Yep, there's one just like that near us...stunning photo, Carole Z X

Debo said...

Still beautiful! Especially in that light! Amazing photo!

debby4000 said...

You could always set up the blogs comments so anonymous can't comment then you won't have to read them.
Has you say telling folks your struggles help those with similar troubles and it helps them to know they're not alone.
Hope one day you get all the answers you need and Ellie gets the help she needs.
By the way no way would I want sit on those pickly stalks!
lots of love to your both.