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6 Aug 2012

A suprise visit

I was merrily doing my thing in the studio on Saturday when three of my fave people turned up to surprise me.  They stood at the door and I looked at them and I thought "I know them from somewhere".  It took a couple of seconds to register that it was  my lovely friend Jane and her two sprouts, Lady K and Miss C.

Of course, when one turns up to the studio, one needs to be photographed.  Lady K sported her model looks

where Miss C was her usual "box of frogs" self

And then onto the infamous alleyway for a bit of fun

Im still sifting through my stash amidst the furore of Olympic fever - bear with me, this is tricky stuff namely the Olympics.  Don't get me wrong, Im LOVING the olympics but Ive little time for anything else right now.  Im also blaming the 100m heats on a ruined sunday lunch!

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Louise said...

we're full on for the Olympics here too. Gorgeous photos x