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8 Jul 2012

Where have I been?

Well this is a question I ought not to answer but you know how much I like to share, right?

Since Thursday afternoon, after a commercial shoot at a Private Dental Practice, I have been feeling very unwell.  I loved shooting at the practice as the co-owner, Helen, is such a lovely, lovely woman and had some amazing ideas for me to try to show off their fabulous practice.

If only all dentists were as welcoming and as colourful as this.  My dentists has red leather sofas that look like slabs of raw meat - enough to put off the normal clientele (Im not normal, Im a dental phobic!)

So I came home to bed for a few hours to try and calm my tummy.  But then I got back up again to go and support my friend Jane at her open evening in Wilmslow.  She was showing her interior design business, with her co-partner Gaynor, to local Wilmslow women.  And I took my camera along to capture vignettes of the night.  I was feeling so yukky but I didn't want to spoil the fun.... I was a total trooper and gave myself a tremendous pat on the back!

The piles of decor books were well rummaged by potential clientele.  All sumptious and tactile.

Gaynors home was a sight to behold.  Very elegant and classy.  I mean, if you lived in the same street as Alex Ferguson, you know it's bound to be beautiful.  I was overawed.

Swathes of fabric swatches adorned the house and these colours had me drooling

I drove away late to the call of my bed after lovely conversation with new friends and potential clients for photo shoots plus a chance to work on their social media side of the business.

Come friday and the night proceeding, I was so unwell that I actually thought that dying would have been the best way to deal with the severity of it all.  I was up and down all throughout the night with tummy gripes and lurching.  In fact, in a space of 15 hours, I visited the bathroom 42 times (yes, I counted!).  Then, on Saturday, Mark and I spent all day titivating the studio and I managed to find the strength to do a shoot with a friend of mine.  But on our way home I spectacularly upchucked the entire contents of my tummy since the Thursday before.  Even I was horrified at the spectacle of it all.  All in a layby, no less (some even landed in the passenger door pocket and my wonderful hubby lovingly cleaned it all up!).  Like I say, I like to share - tee hee.

Today, I had planned a photography lesson and a meeting with a potential social media client.  I couldn't cancel the photo lesson as the girl was en route when I took a turn for the worse but I had to cancel the other.  Thankfully I have known Karen for years and would understand that teaching from my house, all day, was the best option (I needed bathroom access BIG STYLE!).

After Karen had gone home, I started to feel achey and lurchy some more and was back to square one.  I tell you what, this has been no fun and I can't tell you the last time I was seriously poorly.  I love being well and healthy; never take it for granted, people!

And so finally, I will leave you with a crafty project.  Boy I have missed crafting so much.  And this was my reward tonight, between lurches and grumbly, gripey tummy aches.

So this is where I have been and some of it hasn't been pretty!


twinkletoe said...

Kirsty you poor love. I have been following you on FB and can't believe you still did all that while feeling so poorly. I hope its all gone now and you are feeling much better. XX

Emily Pitts said...

I was sick w/ an intestinal bug last weekend. It wasn't fun either. Sorry you've been unwell, you'd never guess it by your lovely photography! Hope it clears up soon!

Emily Pitts said...

I was sick w/ an intestinal bug last weekend. It wasn't fun either. Sorry you've been unwell, you'd never guess it by your lovely photography! Hope it clears up soon!

Emily Pitts said...

I was sick w/ an intestinal bug last weekend. It wasn't fun either. Sorry you've been unwell, you'd never guess it by your lovely photography! Hope it clears up soon!

susiesu said...

O Kirsty you have been really poorly. I think it sounds like you might have to see the Doctor if it is still going on tomorrow. You have still managed to take some fabulous photos though. Love the card - is the gathered ribbon from Fantastic Ribbons???? sending big hugs takecare lol Susiesu xxx

Sue said...

Fab photos, especially condsidering you were so unwell.

Hope you feell much better soon.

Carole Z said...

Hi Kirsty, sorry to hear you have been so poorly and hope you are well and truly on the mend now...well done you for taking such amazing photos whilst being so poorly! Carole Z X

Bettyann said...

you poor darling...feel so bad for you...what a trooper..hope you are feeling better soon :)

teacakemake said...

What a gorgeous dental surgery! I love the photos you've taken-makes it look clean and funky!

Hoping you feel tip-top soon!

Jaki Morris said...

I was there with you hunny! Not with the up chucking, I don't do sick!

I'm on day 5 so let's hope I've turned a corner.

Love the photos, that material stack is orgasmic


Bernice Hopper said...

You have been in the wars - hope you feel better very soon.

Laura said...

Oh dear, oh dear! Feel better soon! x

Judi said...

Fabulous photos as always - you come up trumps even when you're poorly, well done. The dental practice looks inviting unlike the one I go to, it's almost as if they are saying 'you come here to suffer so we aren't going to dress it up'! Whereas that one appears calming which is just what you need especially when you are nervous.

Hope you get well soon, you must be feeling so weak now, hope you manage to get a little rest in somewhere to build your strength up.

Love Judi xx

Mars x said...

Kirsty, hope this finds you feeling much, much better. keep well and happy! Mars xx

Barbara said...

Have missed reading your fab adventures, hope your feeling better. Love the card its so bright and cheerful which is amazing considering how you have been feeling.

Anonymous said...

Hope you are feeling better today, Kirsty? Gorgeous photo's and card, as usual. If my dentist surgery looked like that I think I'd be able to cope too..... It's the whole "sitting on the chair that should help you relax but just makes you slide down it until you are uncomfortable" thing! lol. :-) Jude.x

Anonymous said...

All that unwellness and you still managed a smile :) What a trooper!