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18 Jul 2012

Things to share

Its been bonkers both at home and in the studio.  Well, I say studio, I spent all day Tuesday on location in Wilmslow with a ton of gorgeous projects to photograph.  Ive got an agreement with a fantastic interiors company, Cheshire Interior Designs, to manage clients lifestyle photography.  Already, its a beautiful partnership and Id love to be more regular to the Wilmslow and Alderley Edge area.  Fortunately, I can divide my time there and at the studio with ease with a mixture of urban, lifestyle and studio photography.

Here are just a soupcon of interior shots I did:

and these are two little tykes that I had the pleasure of meeting during an incredibly" hi energy" shoot!

Mr P is one slick dude

Whereas Mr J is still uber cute

But behind the small calm, there was a huge a storm brewing

And Momma intervenes to inject some happy

Lots of happy

Lashes to die for.......

And faces that would curdle milk!

In light of the speed of how things are evolving, Im switching my website to a more user friendly platform.  To say Im delighted is BEYOND an understatement.  That will be finalised over the next 48 hours.  Im currently trudging my way through a million photos to proof as well as designing graphics to maximise the impact.  Luckily I find myself only spending 20 seconds per image edit which has left a number of my tog friends wanting to know my secret.  I will be running a workshop on Quick Edits soon as spending more than 60 seconds editing an image is both unnecessary and time costly.

And finally, my two favourite little girls in the whole world.  Lady K and Little Miss C were adopted by my friend Jane a few years back.  They came as a fragile package with a ton of complex emotional dramas.  Ive witnessed all of their emotions and am delighted to be a part of their world.  Lady K gradated from Primary and looks so grown up

And Little Miss C?  My god, she is a little beauty.  Likened to a maddened box of frogs on many occasions, she happily sat for me last night as we drank tea on the decking.  I simply want to scoop her up and snuggle her to death

And then, today I took some shots of Lauren.  Isn't she an imp?

And also a little cherubic, too.  How cute?!

And finally - WASHI TAPE!
Fantastic Ribbons are broadening their stock range to include the hottest product in the craft world.

and the good news is that for every set you buy, the guys at Fantastic Ribbons will bung an extra roll in for FREE!  Come see here

That's it, folks.  I'm outta here x


Sarah Hurley said...

congrats on the new studio! so pleased for you, looks like you're busy already, great pics - long may it continue! :o)

Sarah x

Birdie said...

Great to hear from you Kirstie (as always), it sounds like you are having far too much fun with your photography business!!! Your piccies are brilliant too, I wish I had your knowledge and expertise with a camera!! Just bought a new bridge camera and even that is complicated!!! LOL xxxx Hope Miss Ellie is well xxxx Love Denyse

Helen Anderson said...

My god you don't do things by halves do you girl??! Sooooo pleased things are going well for you, next thing you'll be featured in some top-notch glossy magazines ... and I'll be first in the queue to buy them :).

Keep smiling lovely lady, hugs for you and curly girl xx

Sue said...

As usual you have been very busy. Fab photos.

Me loves the ribbon, so off to check it out.

Judi said...

Amazing shots Kirsty, but then, do you do any other kind?!!! So glad everything is coming together so well for you, after all your hard work you deserve it.

Love Judi xx

Dawn said...

Fabby photos and the tape looks amazing xx

Debo said...

My God, Kirsty, is there anything you don't do well????

(And do you ever sleep???)