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24 Jul 2012

The things we made

I taught a class on Saturday to 6 lovely ladies in St Helens.  Its a small groups, yes, but they are regulars and they are very nice to me.  So you return the niceness, because that's what niceness does......its infectious.

I bought this die at the Doncaster show.  I absolutely adore it.  I made this for me in my usual style

but then adapted the look to suit the style that the ladies like, too.

And we made this

and as a treat, we made this.  I say treat because the second card was more or less sharing the big bow idea and didn't take long to make.  As the class is usually a two-card event, I thought it wouldn't hurt to make this double pocket bag.

you make it from one sheet of A4 card - it had two pockets in which you can put tags, gift vouchers, money, photos etc.

They really enjoyed it but most of all I enjoyed sharing the creative experience more.

I'm teaching again this Saturday in St Helens if you care to drop by and join these fun loving ladies.  Its probably my favourite place to teach EVER.  This Saturday we will make two cards and a little extra "something" which I know that my ladies will love more than the cards.  Sharing is caring, right?

Toodle-oooooo x


Carole Z said...

Super duper cards Kirsty, love all of them! Carole Z X

Sue said...

Fabby cards.

BattyCrafter said...

I wish St Helens was nearer! Love the makes, prefer 'your' version of the bicycle card. Wonderful die, lovely and crisp x

Bumblebee said...

love the bicycle die, its so cute!! that tiny bicycle paper is amazing too. If I feel up to it I'd love to come and play!

Jaki Morris said...

I need destructions on that pocket card!

Love the bicycle die and cards and, as ever, love your style girl


Lisa-Jane said...

Oooh they look wonderful! I love the look of that bag, is it easy to make?

MissyG said...

Great set of cards and I too would like the instructions for the double pocket bag - please
Many thanks