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2 Jul 2012

The tension is killing me

A week ago I started the ball rolling for the next stage of my career.  It was all-so-sudden and scarey.  I mean PROPER scarey.  I think its healthy to have doubts before bedtime but only ones that make you question yourself sensibly.....if you know what I mean.  There has been upheavals, teething problems, panic attacks and drama's involved let alone delays and upset.  Seriously, can a body take that much in a week?

Thankfully, I took respite on Saturday afternoon when I drove to Hitchin to stay with my ever-so-elegant friend, Judi.  This was a B&B stop before teaching photography on Sunday.  Judi is so accomodating; I dare anyone to challenge her hospitality, thoughtfulness and kindness.  It was just the diversion that I needed.  Not to mention that she and her husband are AMAZING cooks.  Judi also had another guest at the house.  Her name is Charlie and is the girlfriend of her son, Nick.  I wanted to take photographs as a gift (is there anything more grand than offering my services to them?!) but before I share the more sensible ones, let me share you this one here.

I was literally bent over in PAIN laughing at this picture.  These props are the best ones I own and are bound to cheer up the loneliest of souls.  My stomach is still hurting now from the outburst of laughter that these props created.  I shall never forget this shoot, it was utter carnage by way of uncontrolled hysterics.

Thank you Judi for the best B&B and Hitchin, I will will miss you dearly.

And so to today.  Im going to finish off what I started last week and by Friday (one hopes) I can reveal what, in a week and a half of organisation, can be achieved on a tight budget and determination.


EmmGee said...

I expect Janet Street Porter to be calling you for your services any minute now! Such fun!

EmmGee said...

I expect Janet Street Porter to be calling you for your services any minute now! Such fun!

Max said...

Cool! Adding another string to your already extensive bow Kirsty - how exciting and I'm sure all the bruises and turmoil will be worth it in the end. Good luck with your new venture ... whatever it is.
Hmmmm ... they do say that guys tend to go for partners who resemble their mum ... just saying lol.

Max's Craft Creations

Shazza said...

I can't wait for you to finalise everything. Sending positive thoughts your way this week and a speedy and easy completion. Well done Kirsty, you deserve every success that you achieve! You're amazing! Shazza x x x

Judi said...

OMG!!! Kirsty you are a fabulous, if slightly mad, guest! We had a hoot - in fact to quote one of my favourite sayings for mature (or should that be immature?) ladies - I laughed so much tears ran down my legs! How I wish you lived closer! Everybody loved you - even Nick said you were very nice - and that, trust me, is praise indeed!!! You are most welcome anytime.

Hope everything is going to plan, can't wait to see pic's of the 'new project". I know you will make a fabulous job of it and I am sooooo excited for you and can't wait to come up to see it!

Love Judi xx

Mars x said...

Kirsty, You write so fabulously - hope the new venture will include some of your written word! The pics are amazing too! Mars x

Carole Z said...

Super pics Kirsty...good fun! Good luck with your new venture too Carole Z X