Ladies Camera Club

16 Jul 2012

She is home

We have been without her for 3 weeks and boy was I dying to finish teaching at the Doncaster show this weekend JUST to speed over to my Mums to collect her.  I loved the show, really I did, but I was within 1.5 hours of reaching her and after 3 weeks, it was torture.

Here she is, all smiley and happy to see me

And this was the bittersweet departure from my parents this evening.

She is my little dolly and I could literally squish her up and eat her.


Anonymous said...

she looks v grown up in the 1st picture with her hair like that. hope she had a good break and now can look forward to living as a young lady loving, laughing and learning with freedom with her peer group and support.

Debo said...

Welcome home Ellie! What does she think of your studio?