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26 Jul 2012

Pretty in Pink

Today I had the absolute pleasure of photographing Missy N.  She was an absolute diamond and LOVED getting dressed up and trusting me with the various things I asked her to do.  I loved her immediately.  She brought along a little sidekick, Minky Moo but more about her tomorrow :)

Flame red hair and a cheeky grin is a winning combination.  Here she is, sat on the town hall steps near my studio.  There are hundreds of them.  I call them the rocky steps - like when rocky (Sylvester Stallone) ran up them to the "eye of the tiger" in Rocky 1.  Loving this backdrop so much.  Love Missy N's ultra natural smile more.

A little fifties fun with  a twisty twirl down at the promenade near my studio

At the rear of my studio is a "coronation street" style alley way - its awesome and Missy N rocked it

A little studio shoot resulted in Missy N's awesomeness to come to the forefront

More alleyway antics complete with nerd glasses

And this?  THIS is just gorgeous with the river mersey rushing past industrial Liverpool topped with a cute little Missy N, perched on a railing.

Tune in tomorrow where I will be showcasing of the pocket rocket, little Minky Moo.


Judi said...

More amazing shots from an amazing photographer! Gorgeous model too! Xx

Kirsti said...

What dO u mean 'nerdy glasses'...those are just like my everyday pair.....only are fabulous..wish u lived near us for a photo shoot!! Kirsti xxx

Laura said...

Lovely photos. Wish I had hair like that!!

Lucy said...

Great pics! I want that polka dot pink skirt... Luuuurve it! xx