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20 Jul 2012

Photography and craft

You see, you CAN incorporate the two!

Take this camera sleeve made by my friend Jane.  Its half oil cloth and half fabric (the fabric is the bit that sits on your shoulder, the oil cloth is wipe clean!).  Available in Plum, Red, Black, Lime, Pale blue, pale pink and beige with white spots each PLUS a stunning co-ordinating fabric on the back.  Email me if you are keen to be in touch with her.

And this little beauty here?  I carefully brought this together for a newborn shoot this week.  I have one in white, too and a white "sprayed" gold is in progress as I type.

I'll leave you with two images from a Teen shoot that I did in the studio yesterday.  All I can say is that there was a ton of giggles of which was very infectious.

Im teaching a card workshop at Crafts 4 U 2 Do tomorrow in St Helens until 12pm, stop by if you are in the area x

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Carole Z said...

Kirsty your photography is amazing! And I love the camera strap and crown Carole Z X