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3 Jul 2012

Love these lip props so much

Today I used my studio, like, totally props.  Props as in properly (obviously knew I meant that) but also using some of my many new props.  To get my clients to relax, I find it best to start with some hilarity.  Had I have thought earlier, I would have chucked in some muzac too.  Maybe next time, though.

It was a privielge to take care of these there crazy kids again.  This is my third shoot with them and the treat of watching Connor grow has been wonderful.  So much so that I want to offer all my clients, with kidlets, a "Lil' Sprouts" package.  Im still fine tuning the details but it will involve photo shoots from birth to 3, then 6, 9 and 12 months - and maybe beyond.

But anyway..... Here are a few pics of the session for all to see.

I can't stop laughing at how ridiculously funny these props are

Father and son

Giggle pants

Bonkers and on a major sugar rush

My fave pic of Connor today

Connor in a very nice cross finish filter

My friend, Maz, is so so lovely

Im taking bookings for shoots (here) on "an appointment" basis and will have a special offer running in August after my offical opening has been decided (press invitation and local business involvement - Obvs will involve cupcakes, fizz, heels, pearls, manners, grammar and la-di-dah).


Maz said...

Eeeek! Fab photos AS ALWAYS, thank you do much for letting us christen your studio :) x

Jaki Morris said...

Excellent! I had one of those packages with both my boys and they're really cute!

Yay for the big opening party.

If you need any help with your grammar, I'm your man

Love ya


Anonymous said...

its great isnt it nowadays that cameras are so user friendly and we can all so easily have great memories at the click of a button. then there are all the packages to alter and sort things! amazing technology and its sorted. We dont need much knowledge to get such shots and can have them developed onto canvas and saved in all sorts of places too...great. the mouth sticks may make some laugh and yet sometimes crazes dont catch on as much as we had hoped do they. someone with a name which is known says we must use these and they will be around the world in no time at all and everyone will have such pics for themselves. umm cant see it somehow can you

Anonymous said...

LOL!!!!! Just saw a "crafting expert" on national TV and the person tore at the foam tape and said "at home do this with scissors" and as a "rule of thumb" [ whatever one of those is!] if you have white on the inside of the card somewhere you should have white in the design! hysterical where they get their expertise for using die cut shapes they didnt make from! School of expert crafting for rules of crafting thumbs!!! Now its if you put an image inside an apeture card its starting to look really interesting....well yes its better than leaving it blank isnt it? tears of laughter now falling as the hysterical commentary continues from the expert!!

Mars x said...

I want those lips for real! Really fab pics. WHEN I have lost loads of weight am going to travel to where you are and have pics with hubby - they are sooooo good & Connor is adorable. You rock! Mars x