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21 Jul 2012

Love instagram? Love this....

Rhonna Farrer has been my true love of inspiration since 2005. That's a seven year love affair with her designs. She is generous, dedicated and a whole bundle of fun.

Well her digi-ness just got more awesome with icons and patterns to add to your instagram images (you need the phonto app too). I have been like a child all day with these fun additions.

Try for a good old nose at her wares.


Jaki Morris said...

Chevrons and moustaches abound when Kirtsy and Instagram's around


Pol said...

I love the look of these - but how do you use them? Do you download the files from Rhonna's website onto your phone? Do you have to edit the photograph with the stamps before you instagram it? Any chance of a bit more explanation for the non tech minded?