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9 Jul 2012

A little stampin up

I was in Wilmslow today even though Mondays are my official day off from the studio to regroup my work schedule and focus on planning the week ahead.

I didn't mind nipping over to discuss social media with two clients and as I love this kind of stuff, I went along to work out what we could do to boost their profile.  They are a fledgling company with a massive potential and if you are in that situation yourself, there are a few things you can do to get the flow from steady to fast within weeks.

As I can offer web graphics, photography, design and social media advice (on top of my work at the studio), I am in LOVE with how networking on this platform is going to boost the economies of local businesses.  I (myself) have learned in just one week, how local businesses work together from the studio I have in Wallasey alone.  The shops on my street have been incredibly supportive and in return I have extended the use of my services back to them ...... and that was without social media!

Local businesses need each other like they need customers and services alike.  Shops need as much profiling as possible because they are all suffering at the hands of the internet.  But, with wit and some cunning moves, they can use the internet back to raise their game.  Lots of businesses can retaliate from dot com competitors by social networking and so the battle begins.  If its carefully managed, there will be no threat of losing their beloved business..... people just need to keep talking about you and that is the key to how it all grows.

Today a deal was clinched and business moved forward.
And thats a beautiful thing.

After a relatively gentle and interesting meeting, I went over to my friend Jane's house to catch up with her and the kids.  As the scene at Jane's house soars from chaos to calm in crazy waves, I just melt into their family life and just be a part of the scene.  I have to say that I was still feeling fuzzy from this weekends bathroom shenanigans and so, to calm myself, I took control of Jane's crafting room and made myself a card using her supplies.  Can you imagine the free reign over all her Stampin Up range?  I went wild and came up with this little pwitty.

I never really want to go home after being with Jane because I get so cosy and comfy but the call of the little mutt beckoned me and so I left late this evening.  Ellie is still at my parents house, just in case you thought I was prioritising him over her ;)!

Tomorrow its back to the studio and a trip to Derby to pick up a vinyl backdrop so that I can take piccies of pets (I know, I must be barking!)


Bettyann said...

darling card..yes you are filling in a niche for local business...great

Jaki Morris said...

I love,love,love that ribbon. I just couldn't decide which colour to go for so I didn't buy any!

I must message you about my postcard quote!

Take care and have another productive day