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28 Jul 2012

Last of the Barleyfields

When you have found the perfect place to take photographs, you just know that the opportunity to use it will last only a week or so.  And with this field, its likely to be harvested any second now.


In haste, I invited Marie and Tim over (plus Conor) to add to their existing portfolio from the beginning of July.  When the arrived it was really sunny and I was hoping for some drama in the clouds.  Only the clouds were over the other side of the road and in the other field.   I kid you not, the image is SOOC (straight out of the camera).

So we whilst we waited for the clouds to drift over, this is what happened........ Connor did a runner, so Daddy chased him

Conor was in a rather playful mood, so I asked Daddy to swing him up in the air - this took my breath away.  I knew from the camera feedback that it was a winning photo. 

I think I love it in Black and White more

The clouds came and went so, in between breaks, I made the most of the sun and lens flare.  The reflection from the barley in Conors eyes is just stunning in this image.

As you may have  noticed, Ive been using a few colour washes over my images to give them some drama, which makes the cloud seems so magnificent 

Im torn between the rich colours and Black and white with this shoot - both work in different ways to enhance a different mood

Conor was a delight this evening with no hissy fits or foot stomping!  In fact, to sum up the shoot, he shared this majorly cheesy grin at the end, culminating in a double head vice with Mum and Dad!

I shall be sad to see Barley field being reaped this next week or so..........but I have other backdrops up my sleeve, mark my words.  If you wish to book a slot before next weekend, check out my website and use my contact form to make a reservation.


Carole Z said...

Lovely photos Kirsty, I love the drama of the first one especially, Carole Z X

Maz said...

I love all of these photos! x

Bumblebee said...

amazing photos Kirsty, such a shame this field will be harvested soon, but that makes every photo that much more special!

Lisa-Jane said...

I love his squidgy face in that last one! I think I like the coloured ones more which is unusual for me but they are glorious!

Sheilagh said...

Simply Beautiful photo's Kirsty x