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29 Jul 2012

I made stuff!

For as much as I love to take photographs, I also love to make stuff; pretty stuff.  It was born to me first and has been since I was 5 or 6.  Santa (Mum and dad - tee hee) brought me a "Things to make" kit.  It was the best present ever.  Looking back, it was utter naff with its plastic cut out shapes and ugly string to sew together to make a purse but at the time, it was heaven on a stick.

I then progressed onto making my own clothes for my Sindy doll (I had the posable one.  And my Sindy had brown hair....I loved her so much, next to my Tressy doll).  I'd fashion toilet roll into amazing designs with sellotape.  I honestly thought I was a fashion designer slash personal dresser of the highest order.  If I wasn't sat making something, as a kid, I wasn't being me.

I drew a lot too.  And coloured in.  And then I side tracked a little with writing and poetry.  My English Teacher, Mrs Jones in year 2 and 3 (aged 12/13 - the old school years!) encouraged me so much with my English, I shall never ever forget her.  I say English but note not grammar....i still suck at that!  Then I got back into creative stuff, slowly but surely.

In 2001 my thirst for crafting ignited at the start of the modern papercraft boom and here I am, 11 years later....still faffing with paper.  I just love it so.

I made this tonight inspired by something I saw in the craft shop where I teach (thanks Ann, for the inspo).  Only, I added beads to the bottom and beads at the top and stuffed it with feathers and different decor to Ann's version, but the principal is still the same - a 3d birdcage.

I also shared these at a workshop on Saturday too.  This card was using fun flock - yes, its flock and double yes, its fun

This card featured CHRISTMAS!  YAY!

Ive more cards to share this week and even a scrapbook layout.

Today, Mark and I slobbed out watching the Olympics.  I was screaming for every member of Team GB.  And when Lizzie Armistead sprinted up the Mall today, my heart was on fire.  The same for Becks Adlington.  We watched as much as we could stand and still managed a trip to the coast to grab some fresh air.  Just Mark, myself and the pooch - refreshing.

The magic of my iPhone capturing this gorgeous view with Mark and Poochy taking a pew

Leaning fences and pretty daisies melt my heart

Elegant wind farms capturing nature and turning it into energy

Starlings nesting in the wreck of a very rusty tractor

March geocached and the dog wanted to help him write up the notes

Mark, aloft a graffiti wall

Our walk was brisk and cleared out the weekend's cobwebs.  Then we came home and slobbed in front of the Olympics, again!

I'll leave you with another set of images from Missy N's shoot last week and bid you goodnight

Night xx


Sue said...

Loving the bird cage and cards.

As always fabby photos.

Judi said...

Kirsty, amazing photos, of course! I absolutely love the one of the fence and daisies, well, obviously I love them all but if I had to choose an absolute favourite! Looks like you had a lovely weekend. Hope all going well at the studio.

Love Judi xx

BattyCrafter said...

Who's a brilliant girl, then? LOVE the birdcage, but the cards and photos are fab too. I can only aspire... :)

Jaki Morris said...

my boys have i phone 4s and I am amazed at the camera! I may just have to upgrade to one myself in January


Love it all BTW

Marie said...

I recognise those steps! Is your studio is Seacombe? We were only there on Saturday/Sunday (stayed overnight in the Travelodge in New Brighton to round off our holiday).


Shanna Noel said...

You have been a BUSY girl! I LOVE al your work! Those cards are TOO much fuN!

kate said...

Kirsty, I have followed your blog for a very lonnnnnnnnng time. In all that time I have ooohed and ahhhhhhed over all your bootiful craftiness, I have shared a tear at your frustrations over the hassles you have had with the lovely Ellie ( my girlie is also Ellie of the curly wurly hair!) I watched you way back when on C& C and more recently on qvc( didnt think you looked particularly happy on there btw!!!!) But my goodness me have you found your calling in life or what !!! You have a natural sense of composition and this shows in your photos!!! Clearly your sense of fun has your subjects at ease and this also shows in the resulting pictures.Don't ever give up on the crafting but photography is deffo " your thang lady!" wishing all the very very best with the new venture- you won't need it ,
Hugs ,