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26 Jul 2012

A Hobbyhorse called Bullseye

It's so endearing to still see kids playing on a hobby horse.  When I was a little girl, I desperately wanted one but never had one.  Although, I distinctly remember playing on one in reception class at school.  I loved that hobbyhorse.  It was wooden with a wheel at the bottom and had a red leather reign.  The mane on the horse was life-like although I do recall his eyes being freakishly huge.  So when little J turned up with one, to a mini family shoot (my gift to them on the birth of Baby E) I was so delighted.

Here he is, flying through the field - carefree, happy - alive!

My lovely friend Beth has not been well since the birth of Baby E but was brave enough to stand in the middle of a field with the heavens threatening to pour on us.

She has the most wonderful aura about her; I thinks she is lovely.

And Daddy is just as in love with their new addition.  Im dying for a long, proper cuddle with Baby E soon x

Little J has a solution to a screaming Baby E - kisses on the forehead, as gentle as gentle can be. 

I hope they like their photographs.  I know, just by what I know of them, that a number of them will be making their way to a frame or two.  I love giving my friends a gift of a photo

And finally, Minky Moo from yesterday.  Here is a sneak peep of one of the many cheeky shots I got of her. 

Let me tell you, this kid is wise to the camera.  When I say wise, I mean she wont sit in front of it and look my way!  A challenge indeed.  plus, to add insult to injury, she called me Pasty instead of Kirsty (which I secretly LOVE!).  Even Little J from todays shoot calls me Dirty....tee hee!

See you tomorrow.


BattyCrafter said...

BEAUTIFUL work, Kirsty, every one a gem. Can't think of a lovelier gift than a moment captured so wonderfully well. x

BattyCrafter said...

Beautiful work, Kirsty! I can't think of a lovelier gift than a moment captured so wonderfully well, they are all gorgeous xx

Carole Z said...

Beautiful photographs as always Kirsty, your friends will be absolutely thrilled, Carole Z X

Debo said...


Jaki Morris said...

That photo of the little boy in the barley field is just stunning, could be in an ad campaign!

You did it again Pasty