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4 Jul 2012

Half done, half not

I cannot wait for this studio to be primped and preened.  I seriously want to start hacking back into my craft supplies to balance the hecticness out.

This is one side of the studio, its my prettiest, almost finished part

This is the other - it makes me want to cry

And that's only the left side of the studio.  The right side is still a bit disorganised.  Its functional but not how I want it.  The shop window needs a bit of prepping and the shop sign is a week away from completion.

And can you believe it, its actually quite enthralling watching it come together, despite the furore.

Im working on Ads today and when I get home tonight, I'll be ripping open some goodies sent to me by Marion.  If you want to see a snapshot of what range of goodies she holds, come see her amezzin shop here


Judi said...

Just remember Rome wasn't built in a day! You are doing amazingly well, it's all happened so quickly. It will all be fabulous just follow your dream.

Don't forget it will look so different when you get some of your fabulous photos up! I wish you every success in the world, you deserve it, you work hard enough!

Looking forward to the next instalment.

Love Judi xx

Shirley Davis said...

Really wishing you every success with this next stage of your career, Kirsty - enjoy every creative moment!

Anonymous said...

hope you can overcome your tears as I am uncertain as to why you are so distressed about a room. Anyway whatever is causing your distress can hopefully be overcome and you can enjoy your photography hobby and have fun.