Ladies Camera Club

31 Jul 2012

Girl in the Alley

You can have a model-like makeover by coming to my studios, as you are and standing in an alleyway.  No need for unnecessary retouching at my studios; the use of natural light and flattering angles reflects who you are - as lovely as you are.

Raw and organic is one of my philosophy's.  The only changes I make to an image is running a wash over it and perhaps a little doge and burn (dark room techniques from the early 1900's!). The speed of my edits means that this client took a number of her images away in less than 10 minutes.  Now that's a kind of turnabout that lets me get home for the Olympics with no extra workload.

This is Miss G.  She got attitude, right?  Its lovely to spend time with someone who think she might be shy but who you know can be challenged to open up and just go with your direction.

Why not book a shoot with some of your sassy kids (or even yourself) for a shoot to make you feel good and celebrate being as lovely as you are?  Come and visit my tres swish website here

Oh my poor neglected craft room! You and I shall meet again soon.


teacakemake said...

I love all of these trendy teen shoots you've been doing lately Kirsty, very cool indeed!

Louise said...

Kirsty, your photos are just amazing!!

Judi said...

Fabulous of course! I love the tee shirt, presumably it says 'blah, blah, blah? xx