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30 Jul 2012

A medals a medal and no medals are good too

Since the opening ceremony of Olympics 2012 on Friday, Mark and I have been glued to the TV.  We love the interactive services on the BBC and its red button options.  Its never been dull here espesh when Lizzie Armistead rode for silver 

and Becky Adlington grabbed the bronze.  

Colin didn't get the medal for Judo but we loved his passion and grace.

Today we screamed for young Zoe in the ahem, Snatch and Jerk. 

Then for Tom and Pete in the diving.  

We went absolutely berserk for the Mens gymnastics (and bit all our nails off during the inquiry).  

Then we supported Hannah in her semis for the swimming, danced around when Zara rode the course,

shimmied Ben along with his boat 

and screamed again during the Volleyball tonight.

Ive been drooling over Mark Foster - hello??!!

and laughing along with Matt Baker (best commentary ever!), too.  

 I know Ive missed loads of athletes out but these ones were the one we watched

PHEW!  Its CRAZY but good crazy..........And its only day 3!!!!!

I don't care how many medals we get or what colour they are - all that matters is that we come together for our athletes with a whoop when they win and offer some gentle support them when they don't.


Bernice Hopper said...

It's been an emotionally exhausting roller coaster and there's still 12 days left!

Jaki Morris said...

Fabulous summary of a fabulous few days


Vera said...

Olympics fever! We have very few delegates from the Philippines, but we're so proud of them still!

Julia said...

Here here Kirsty! I bit most of my nails off during the diving! Love the photo of Tom and Pete - such symmetry. Sat here celebrating another silver with Zara and team - it's all good as you say!

Helen Anderson said...

I'm with you re Mark Foster! Even my 21yr old came in and said, 'ooh he's a bit tasty'!
Fab post as always, thank you :) xx

Anonymous said...

its great isnt it! Never usually watch sports but this is fantastic..loving it all!

Anonymous said...

its great isnt it! lovong it all too!

Helen said...

Hear hear! I love them all for trying so hard and giving us all such a great show. Matt Baker is the best - saw him live on Strictly and he was so lovely with all the crowd - what you see is def what you get! It's great that the positivism is so much more than the cynicism this games. x