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12 Jun 2012

Wedding season is upon us

I may or may not taken a bit if inspiration from Jenny's dress for this card.  The thought of a touch of pink on a dress really adds a touch of something special and girly.

I was also inspired by a thick width of lace to make this dress - I mean, come pips is it to gather a fake waist on a fat bit of lace and turn it into a dress that could sell for hundreds of pounds?  I knew I should have continued with fashion design ;)

Excuse the wilted flower on the dress!

I even made slippers to match  **lamenting the days of fashion design with a huge sigh**


Bettyann said...

whar a genius darling

Jenny said...

Ah how lovely Kirsty for my dress to have given you inspiration - that's a special card! Jenny xx

Sue said...


Debo said...

(sighs in admiration!)

Sarah said...

Really pretty card Kirsty!

Sarah x