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23 Jun 2012

We. Love. Her.

We have a visitor all the way from Las Vegas.
Her name is Sara and she is the daughter of Ruth and Scott who invited Ellie out to Nevada for investigative tests in 2008.  Sara is the reason why I haven't blogged for a few days (having too much fun) but the main reason I do so tonight.  Sara has been travelling during her break from Law school in San Diego and we are all but the last people she will see before she jets off to Nice (France) for the final leg and some sunshine (she ain't had much of that here!).  We have had so much fun looking after her and showing her the local area.  She is such a belly laugh and we adore her.

We couldn't wait to show her off to our family and friends either.  We dropped Ellie off in Leeds today as she is away at my parents for a few weeks and at the same time I picked up some Bowen lights which I got for an absolute song.  And of course I couldn't wait to treat Sara to some nice pictures using/practising with them.

Here she is, in both colour and black and white (I just love them in both colourways, so I'm doubling my image share)

I completely and utterly LOVE these pictures below - just the best way to sum Sara up

If you don't fall in love with Sara from these pictures then I must have interpreted her wrong.  But we all know the camera never lies.


scrappyjen said...

Fabulous photos. I wish I could do that with my camera! Jenx

Ruth said...

I'm speechless. these are beautiful. Rooty

Kerry said...

She is a gorgeous subject. Hope you all had fun x

karen said...

wow great photos kirsty, youve captured her perfectly, and im really glad your having some fun time
karen x

sparklygirl-Tina said...

Fabulous photos and what a beautiful girl.



Sue said...

Beautiful young lady.

Sam said...

Beautiful photo's Kirsty! I love them in colour and back and white too!!

Fiona said...

Stunning! - both Sara and the pics.

Dawn said...

Great shots I love the laughing ones, it just looks FAB & natural xx

Anonymous said...

Nice pics. Cannon 350d by any chance!!
I really need some lessons. On the camera soon <3

twinkletoe said...

Great pics - she is a beautiful lady. Sounds like you had a wonderful time. XX