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19 Jun 2012

Studio Lights and Lens for sale

I used to have a set of studio lights years ago but they were utter garbage for what I needed professionally.  They were only 150w each which is pretty bad especially if you need a good exposure on groups of 2 or more people.  They were ok for single portraits though but just not beefy, if that makes sense?  On Saturday I will be in possession of some Bowens lighting equipment which were practically given to me (broadly, in terms of the price I got them for) which means I can do on-location shoots with a travel pack.  I'm so interested in making flash photog look like natural daylight, especially when dark days ruin an outdoor shoot.

In the meantime, I know someone who is selling a similar kit to the Bowens I just bought.  He is based in Yorkshire so I thought I'd pass on this knowledge to you.  If you use either Bowens or Elinchrom, you know you are onto a serious bit of kit so consider how much of a bargain this sale is:

1 x Rolling Kit Case (portable!)
1 x Sync Lead
2 x 90cm Umbrella - converts to White shoot through Brolly
2 x Flash Tube
2 x Gemini 400
2 x Lighting Support Stand
2 x Modelling Lamp
2 x Power Cord
2 x Wide-Angle Reflector

Its in an immaculate condition and has been used 2 times.  The price he wants is £380.  If you are seriously considering buying the best quality in studio lighting, I'd rip these out of his hands immediately!

Email me HERE if you are keen to snap this deal up

Im also still trying to sell this little baby here.  Its a beautiful lens but I don't need it for the kind of shoots I excel in.  If you are a performance photog who would love to get AMAZING shots from a mid range distance, this is the lens for you (plus its a proper pap style Canon - the white lenses are considered the BEST.  Its also in the L range too).

Full spec is 70-200mm F4 IS USM (top of the range for this aperture).  There is one tiny cosmetic paint chip on the barrel but other than that, its MINT.  It come boxed with lens hood and pouch plus manual and hoya UV filter.  If you, like me, google the price on this and find it cheaper than my spec (remember to include IS USM on the search - big difference), I might try and match it (except ebay - hello?!  I won't list on ebay due to their hideous charges and fees coupled with paypal on top).

Open to offers and I will accept paypal :)

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