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8 Jun 2012

Rain, Rain - go away, you evil wet thing, you

I'm waiting patiently for the sunshine to come back.  Well, I say patiently but what I really mean is that I am thoroughly hacked off and am at the point of despair.  After a hellish morning, I took myself off to Ikea for a change of scene.  Mark was finishing his degree dissertation and Ellie was revising for her Science exam; they needed the quiet.

I did actually have to look for a drum lampshade for a project I'm working but could I find one?  NO!  Of all the places that sell lampshades in abundance, they had absolutely nothing to fit the spec.  I contemplated gouging my eyes out with a set of Vanilla tea candles in frustration but instead sought solace in a Dime style cake and a cold drink.  I also took my note pad and pen to write many of my life saving lists, including a number of synopsis layouts and how this summer might look under various scenarios (weather permitting scenarios i.e. if its raining we might as well as flump on the sofa OR if it dare be sunny then a couple of day trips to the zoo, beach etc).  Writing lists are so important to me but crossing things off them is even better.

I came home with the most enormous headache and took myself off to lay in a cosy foetal position in bed with the pooch.  To me this was utter heaven and precisely 3 hours later (to the minute) I arose all refreshed.  My head empty of things to think about (they are on my lists!) so I paid all my attention to just "being".

Had it have been sunny today, I'm sure my day would have panned out a little more exciting.

This evening, however, I meandered into my office to vent my lack lustre into something finished and pretty.  Thank heavens for paper crafting.  Its the best way to unwind before going back to bed, to lay in snoozeland and close your eyes on the grey matter and slip into a spectrum of wonderful colours and happenings.

Im off to get some rest and limber up  for a very important meeting tomorrow with our local Gateway team.  Hopefully they are going to help us to help Ellie.
This is our final chance.
**scared but also excited**


Anonymous said...

hope Ellie is excited and enjoys her appt and gets any support she thinks she needs now. Also that her exam goes well as it is important time gaining thise essential pieces of paper or so they say! Be thankful and happy, see the beauty in everything Hopefully there is only dakness in the skies not your heart and mind.

Anonymous said...

Love those colour combinations on the card. :-) Good Luck today. Jude.x

Catriona said...

Hi Kirsy Good luck at Gateway today and hope you get a good result for Ellie. Also luck to Mark with his dissertation- been there done that while teaching full timeand of course best of luck toEllie in her exams. Have you heard ofmindfullness, Kirsy? I think you mayfind it useful in trying to quiet your mind and relexing yourself.

Sue said...

Fabby card.

Hope we all see the sun again soon.

Bumblebee said...

Just remember Kirsty, rain makes the flowers grow! (Although admittedly it was pretty miserable!) LOVE that card, how you get your bows so perfect I just don't know!

Jaki Morris said...

That card is so totally lush. I just wish it were my birthday so that you could send it to me!

Good luck with your meeting today


Debo said...

Wishing you all the luck you need for your Gateway meeting, everything crossed for you! Also, good luck to Mark - I had to write my dissertation last December, under the fog of too MANY painkillers to think straight. Not to be recommended!
Hope Ellie doesn't get too stressed, it ISN'T as important to her as it is to the school!!!

(Catriona - Interested in 'mindfulness' as my head is never quiet, even drugged, and hopefully will be coming off these soon as had op on spine 3 weeks ago to deal with it all. Hopefully Kirsty will find out and post soon?)

Barbara said...

Gorgeous card, beautiful colours and lovely bow!!!

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful card. The colour combo is so prettty and fresh.

All the best with your meeting tomorrow.

Alana said...

Beautiful colours on your card. Good luck for tomorrow.

Dawn said...

Love the colour on the card ;0)