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10 Jun 2012

Mojo busting

I think Im out of my own personal fog of misery.  Ive decided that if I am down on my luck or not receiving any good vibes then, rather than accepting them and allowing it all to crush my airways, I shall use my shield of positivity to reflect the little buggers in future.  Since Friday a few good things have happened that I wasn't expecting.  They have really lifted my spirits.
See? ---------------------------> :)

Anyway.  Back to business.  I saw these in Sainbury's last week.  They had been reduced and I knew immediately what I was going to do with them.  They are acrylic plates, shot "glasses" and dishes.

So, with a bit of glossy accents, I turned them into these

As space is of a premium in my work room the only way I can reclaim more room is to go UP!  Lol.
And once filled, they become the most useful trinket stashers ever!

Top section for my pretties

And it lifts off to reveal a dish of more pretties

Its for all my handy bits and bats that I keep to hand for quick embellishment fixes.  Plus, with it being a clear acrylic, it will go with anyone's decor.  All in all, I think it works out to be 75p per plate, shot glass and bowl ensemble and £1.50 (obvs) for the double stand style.  HELLO?

They are also great for parties, to present your yummy snacks and nibbles. This one would be great for cruditess and a dip in the top pot.

Go on, get your crafty butts down to Sainsbury's immediately.  There is enough is make 8 of these for approx £6 or go halvies with your friends.

Last week I was invited to a baby shower but I couldn't go because I was supposed to be going to London.  Then that fell through (sorry, Roobs :( xx) so Beth double invited me to go on Saturday night.  As I had an only an hour to get ready, I had to make a card toot sharp.  As I've never made a baby shower card before (or even been to a baby shower), I didn't know how or what I was supposed to make - these style parties are all so new to me!  I took a scoot around Pinterest and found a million ideas and so made this for Beth from my discoveries.

I found myself in love with my teeny star punch again and put it to good use on here

Beth's shower included a cake decorating session with our mutual friend, Sharon.  I learned how to (sort of) create ribbon bows, a rose and a baby under a blanket as well as (trying my damned hardest) icing some buns (ok, cupcakes, seeing as we all stateside with the baby shower thing!).  I think I will leave cake decorating to the experts as my attempts were pretty lame.
Just look at how unceremoniously I have plonked that sugar paste rose on a teeny bun!

I had nibbled lots of sugar paste leftovers and was on a sugar rush until about 2am!  It was a lovely turn of events to end a very busy day.

Today, I eventually finished that layout that I had half done since MARCH!  Ellies word for a cuddle is either Cuggy Snug or just snug.  I thought it was fitting for this layout.

And whilst having a tidy up my craft space, I made another Baby shower card with some Stampin Up paper scraps (if anyone is going to a baby shower in the next few weeks and the baby is expected to be a girl, email me and you can have this card.  First come, first served, though!)

And finally, a Fathers day/Dad's Birthday style card using some packaging I had from a birthday present in February .

Its a Maths exam for Ellie tomorrow, so Im getting an early night to get her up ready and prepared for this huge event xx


Sue said...

Fab cards.

Lovely LO.

Scrummy cakes:)

BattyCrafter said...

Glad your positivity is back, Kirsty, I NEED you for inspiration and not just for crafting! Love the layout especially, but the cards are gorgeous too. One day I will make a scrapbook. I had better..already bought the thing,just need to learn how to use it! xx

CraftyNess said...

What a fantastic idea for the plates - love it :) Loving the baby shower cards too so bright and cheerful xx

twinkletoe said...

Love your new craft stashers! XX

susiesu said...

omg - what time do Sainsbury's open??? love the simplicity of the stash busters stand. So glad you are more positive and your mojo is on track. The baby shower cards are brill and love your snug layout. wishing Ellie good luck for her maths exam tomorrow lol Susiesu xxx

D@nielle said...

OOOh love the crafts going on ! Good luck for Ellie !

Jaki Morris said...

OMG those plates are amazing! Cupcakes and teeny sandwiches come to mind!

Love that you're back


Sarah said...

Fab Cards, Fab Stash Storage, Fab Layout, Loving your blog!

Sarah x

Sarah said...

Fab Cards, Fab Stash Storage, Fab Layout, Loving your blog!

Sarah x

Judi said...

Brilliant idea for the plates etc; You are so clever! Love the baby shower cards and L/O Good luck to Ellie for her exam. Xx

Shirl Davis said...

Those dish stacks could also be food display contraptions (words have gone missing, you know). So, I mean cupcakes, nibbles, dippy bits etc. Christmas, parties, That Special Do.,

Love the cards, especially the baby shower ones - time to make Kirsty Wiseman known to the world as an expert designer - no time to be sad, Kirsty, please.

We rely on your posts!

But we also understand.

ginny c said...

glad you are feeling better love the baby shower cards and good luck to ellie tomorrow

Kathy Rogers said...

i love the idea with the acrylic plates.....genius!

Kathy Rogers said...

I love the idea with the acrylic plates.....genius!