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19 Jun 2012


I don't like to not blog.  I find that emptying my head before going to bed so exhilerating (hence blogging) but the past few days I have gone to bed too tired to even switch on the Mac.  Now looking back, I now hate that I have three days that are blog-less and that's a shame.

Sunday was a treat for us as it was both Fathers Day and our 17th Wedding anniversary.  SEVENTEEN years is a long time to think about if you look ahead but looking back, so fast.  I've blogged this pic before but nevertheless, here we are - so youthful and wrinkle free.

I'm back on it though.  Ive got projects to share.  Ive also got news but I'm loathe to tell all until details have been finalised.

Right then, kids.  I'm outta here.  The sun is being drenched in a bright, hot light and I'm off to bathe in it.


Karen Louise said...

Kirsty, your wedding picture is beautiful. It's so full of love and hope and after 17 years it's great to see the love still going strong. Lots of changes, not least the fact that you celebrated your anniversary along side Father's Day, showing just one of the huge blessings, of parenthood! The best thing is, with all the trials life throws at you, you both have each other to deal with them. And yes, doesn't it go so very fast! Congratulations on 17 years. Start saving for a special 20th celebration! New York was my ideal, but now hoping to achieve it for our 25th!

Jaki Morris said...

Such a beautiful picture, you look serenely happy

I for one have missed your posts both here and on FB

Take care in the sun


Jennifer Holden said...

Just thinking I hadn't read you for a few days! Can't wait to hear your news x

Debo said...

Love that photo - I do love a man in uniform ;)

We celebrated our 25th in April even though I think I'm 24!?! I was hoping for a long weekend in Marrakesh but we ended up driving to Mersea Island for a fish and chip lunch!! Bless him!

EmmGee said...

What a handsome couple! Best wishes for all the following years. Keep blogging, we love your style! EmG x