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12 Jun 2012

A little fresh air

Up here, in the grime of the north, the sun came out and the pooch got his walk - at last!  This strange phenomenon occurred in the morning whereby a ball of yellow, hot light appeared from the horizon and lifted the gloom of the town.  It made everyone smile and feel alive!  And so I took my camera to record such a happy occasion.  Care to walk with me?

Mark took me down to the new Marina at Lowton.  It was hardly for me or the poochy's benefit.  He wanted to go Geocaching.  It was his mission 2045 to date.  I was more concerned about receiving a Horse Fly bite....those little buggers hurt like hell, so I was swatting like mad.

Mark had wandered off at this point, I was taking pictures of the trees framing this serene scene.

As soon as poochy had lost Marks scent, he looked up to find Mark wandering across a field.  Eddy was most perplexed.

Im not a big geocache fan, so I stood and admired light falling through the leaves.

And the horsey through the gate bars

Mark was making his way back at this time and I was going to photograph him but the buttercups were too delicious.  You can make him out in the bokeh, to the top left of the picture though!

I love this juxtapose of bloom and grow

Then we arrived at the marina.  I say marina, its just a barge hook up area but still.  Its quite pleasant and somewhere different.

Im thinking of escaping here for lunch in the summer as the calm water is enough to stare out over and just dream a little

The boys had a cache to retrieve at the other end whilst I sat and pondered.  I love the way Eddy is looking at me here as if to say "Will you put that bleeding camera down for one god damn cotton picking minute?"

On the way back to the car, I passed through a sweet little meadow of wild flowers and a smattering of busy bugs

This bee was feasting on clover

And the clover was my final piece of happiness to mark the end of a sunny walk in Lowton


Sue said...

Lovely photos.

Glad the sun came out for you.

Dawn said...

I look at your photos so differently now I am doing the course ha. Lovely walk Dxx

Debo said...

What a beautiful place and stunning pics! And no 'wet stuff'!

Hope Ellie's Math's exam went ok!

Jaki Morris said...

Thank you for these pictures it reminds me of what 'dry' is

What is Geocahing please?


Lucy said...

Lovely pictures Kirsty, glad the sun came out for you! More than we had in London, it's raining buckets here still. Boo. Glad you enjoyed your walk :) xx

Sarah said...

Beautiful photographs Kirsty!

Sarah x

Judi said...

Amazing photos as always Kirsty, Thanks for sharing. Oh for some nice days to take the camera out!

My 'boys' went geocaching while we were holidaying in France, they found a little travel bug in one so brought him home to put in one here so that he could continue on his journey. They seem to love it and I can see the appeal but like you I'd rather be playing with the camera although I do wish my results were as good as yours! xx

Julia said...

You make that marina look like the South of France Kirsty! I've still not seen a boat moored there yet btw! Beautiful pics as always x

Bumblebee said...

Such lovely photos, we'll have to take a picnic to the 'marina' in the summer!

Alana said...

Beautiful photos Kirsty.

Fiona said...

What no rain? Beautiful snaps as always Kirsty.

lisa said...

fabulous photos kirsty x

susiesu said...

Thanks for sharing your amazing photos with us Kirsty. What a brill record of a 'dry' day!!!! Are you going to scrapbook them all? lol Susiesu xxx

jack0212 said...

Your blogg has totally inspired me to buy a dslr! I am at the stage of experimentinting with my camera and am really loving it. Your pictures are so inspirational! Huge thanks x