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20 Jun 2012

Last day ever in school

Today, Ellie took her final exam at 9am and left school at precisely 10.19am.  She will never have to wear her brilliant royal blue blazer ever again.  I don't think Ellie has any conception of the enormity of it all.  She see's the fact that leaving school means she just has no more school and not as the huge chapter that has been closed forever.  I am pretty relieved that this part of her life is done, though, because I have so many mixed feelings about the way she was (mis)managed.  For the past few years I had to live with the fact that they do what they do and I do what I do ...........and never the twain shall meet.  Never forget that Mums of special needs kids are a hindrance and clearly have no idea what they are entitled to/talking about.

I took a picture of her today to mark the last day and set it next to the picture I took on her first day of secondary school.
In this time she has grown 8 inches in height, put on 14lbs, frown out her fringe, developed scoliosis, diagnosed with a heart problem and a kind of tick (a non verbal form of tourettes - THANKFULLY! tee hee) and has a colour dyslexia.  Her muscle strength has not improved and where she has grown taller, she is looking so much thinner - despite the weight gain.  The second photo truly illustrates the scoliosis.  I hope the NHS will do something about it as nobody with this condition deserves to live with a twisty spine.

The best thing that these past 5 years have shown is that despite the odds, Ellie is unaffected by the way kids and society treat her.  I try to learn from that but as a mummy sponge, you just absorb all these things of your children's plights.  But still.  She is a wonderful girl.  And so loving and gentle.  She is trusting, forgiving and so full of wisdom.  I truly believe she has roamed this planet many times before she was born to me. I just love her so much and would die for her.

I'll leave you with this little number here.
It's a box (pizza box style) you can make from one sheet of card.  It has no separate top or bottom - its all in one!!

Its simply decorated and measures 4x4", its so cute for handkerchiefs, jewellery, note cards to give as a gift.

The instructions can be downloaded from here......have fun

PS:  This post is #2012 in 2012.  I wont ever see this correlation again!


Sue said...

Lovely box. Thanks for sharing how to do it.

I wish Ellie all the best for the future. I am sure if her mums got anything to do with it she will have a lovely life.

You keep fighting hun.

Helen said...

It's a big day leaving school but with a wonderful Mum like you I'm sure Ellie will go far. I hope she keeps up the floristry as she obviously has a flair for it. Whatever life throws at her she'll always have your love and support. Good luck for the future to you both. I look forward to reading of your adventures xxx

Laura said...

I'm really interested in having a go at making the box but I can't get the link to work :(

Debo said...

Ellie is a beautiful girl - in the truest sense, inside and out! She is a credit to you and Mark and you are SO justified in feeling proud of her.
It is a big milestone but I think we as parents DO recognise this more than our children?

(somehow my nephew has moved smoothly from school to college, with - according to my SIL- 3 years financed by the State! He even had assistance provided to teach him how to get himself there on the bus alone. And they only moved back to England 3 years ago after living abroad for 10+ years!! Oh, he has Aspergers. I hope you find someone who can fight your corner)

EmmGee said...

I followed the link for the construction of the pizza box, but it went to a very small picture. Is it me? Cheers.

Jaki Morris said...

Those pictures are amazing. But the facts are even more astonishing, how can she have grown and gained weight but look so much frailer?
One day I would love to meet your beautiful, wise, amazing child as she sounds wonderful.

Her life is now about to begin.
Love to you all

Anonymous said...

Hi Kirsty, My daughter has medical issues too and I understand the heart ache that I have read about in your posts. On the other-hand, my son has his last exam tomorrow at 9.00am and that too will be his last day at school as well - FOREVER!!!!! Oh the highs and lows of parenting. God Bless. x

scrappyjen said...

Love the pizza box - I made a similar one with you at a workshop in Harrogate at the Great Northern Papercrafts Extravaganza many years ago! We made a penny slider card too. I made a scrapbook page using similar 'first day, last day' photos of my son when he moved from primary to secondary school. Jenx

Brook said...

The time has flown! I can't wait to hear about her further adventures. I'm still hoping for a turn of events that will make her life easier. She is such a dear girl!

Carole Z said...

aaah lovely pics of Ellie, bet you had tears in your eyes both's hoping dreams come true in the next stage of both your the box and thanks for the instructions, hugs, Carole Z X

Kerry said...

Bless her little heart xx

Julie Brooks said...

Oh my goodness, your daughter is going through so much every day and yet she still manages to smile. Such courage. I was almost in tears reading this blog post - you write beautifully. And a lovely little box for us to have a go at making - fab. Thank you for sharing. x

Mars x said...

Ellie has a really beautiful smile and must be blessed with such inner strength. Here's to the next phase of her young life being all she wishes and hopes for... I still think you look so young to have a teenager Kirsty! Mars x

Dawn said...

She looks the same but I bet she has grown in so many ways. Can you fix the link for the box please. It's not working. Thanks xx