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6 Jun 2012

Is it really June?

Because really, it feels like February.

I have Hunters, a scarf and a coat on?  **am literally weeping**
Today We went to watch the X Factor in Manchester.  Mel B was guest judging.  She was not very complimentary. In fact, she was somewhat derogatory to contestants about their looks and the way they dressed.  If I was the Queen, I would order for her head to lobbed off those mean old shoulders.  It only added to the misery of the weather.

Our only perk was being within spitting distance of Dermot O'leary.

Ellie had an absolute whale of a time and enjoyed her first mexican wave, too.

Well, its back to crafting tomorrow (yay!).  Hope you are staying dry during this apparent monsoon!


Maz said...

Gutted I couldn't come, especially as you got to see Dermot :(

Glamper said...

But June is definitely the time to wear Hunters. Glastonbury for starters! But not this year as its their year off. Aaaaah, you know what I mean.

Jaki Morris said...

I am currently wearing my long angora socks and boots! I have also had the heating on in the mornings as my Russian student is feeling the cold. Flaming June, I say


susiesu said...

Glad you and Ellie had a brilliant but cold day. Wouldn't you just have loved to shout "Off with her head"! Am well jealous that you were so close to Dermot!!!!! Happy Crafting tomorrow lol Susiesu xxx